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Does anyone have a diet that they are following that is for our type of cancer?  There are so many "cancer diets"  out there I don't know what would be best.  I am often very fatigued and having major abdominal pain and I was hoping there might be a diet out there someone has success with let meknow.  Thanks.

I did see some information regarding cancer care centers but those posts are a couple of months old does anyone have anything they can tell me good and bad.  I was doing a little research on different facilities for treatment.  I feel that I would like to find a place that incorperates treatment of the body and mind as well as the cancer.  I currently am recieving treatment at northwestern in chicago and they are very nice but I am not sure that I am doing all I can.

Has anyone experienced pain in their right shoulder by seems to come and go.  I was wondering if this is something that will get worse with time or if there is something I can to help eliviate it.  I have also started having this really bloated feeling in my adbomin and it can be very uncomfortable at times does anyone have any suggestions.

Thanks..... Michelle

Hi  My name is Michelle

I was diagnosed in june 2008
Current treatment is Gemzar once a week and xeloda 6 pills daily (2weeks on 1 week off).
I am married to a wonderful man who is trying to help me through this process.  I also have two beautiful girls one just turned 13 and the other is 10.  These two girls are what keeps me going when things get rough.


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I would like to meet I am in oswego il.



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Hi!!  I was diagnosed in june 2008 with this illiness.  It have been very difficult for me as this came out of nowhere.  I am 42 and have 2 young girls at home.  I have finally been able to get on the site and try to talk about my situation.  I am still very overwhelmed by my situation and often feel like my world is spinning out of control but now I feel a little stronger and am trying to reach out to people going through the same thing I am.  If anyone has any advice on how to deal with the fatigue from chemo please let me know.


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I am currently on gemcitabine injection once a week and 3 Xeloda pills 2 times a day for 14 days then a week off.  This was the first course of treatment for me.  Unfortunately after 2 rounds my scans showed that the tumors were not decreasing in size.  My doctor decided to have me go another two rounds and my scans are coming up next week hopefully the tumors will be smaller. My blood work has been fine however the side effects were very difficult for me but I am now getting into a schedule were I can get things done around the side effects.  I am not sure if the side effects are any different from other treatments as this was the first type that I have had.