I am so sorry you are going through this grief. Grief is a process and I feel when you feel it's time to move on, you will. There are very kind people here and I am so sorry I stayed away. I lost my sister to this disease in 2008. I had to move. 
I wanted to print pictures of our last year together. I tried for 2 days. The printer would not print the pics.Everytime i turned on the computer, the picture would appear. Two days later, I rose to the sound of the printer. There they were!
I laughed and said Anita, you are messin with me!!
I am saying this to say something to you. After the tears dry and the conflicts, ease. Our loved one becomes a warm and soothing memory. They never leave us, Charlene. They are with us in spirit.
I wish you comfprt and many blessings at this time and always.


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So sorry to hear of your loss. You and your family are in my prayers.



Dear Heart

I went into your blogspot and looked at the wonderful postings and pics.  It is a testimony to Joe's life.


May he dance with the angels....



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Oh Jan I am so very sorry for your loss.  Be kind and gentle with self and remember that Dad is always with you. We can't touch our loved ones and hold their hands anymore, but from far far away, they are holding ours.......

Hugs and many man y blessings



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My sympathy and prayers go out to Joe's family.



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I came in here to see how everyone else is and found all of your posts. Thank you so very much. Your kind words of support are so moving and comforting.
Thanks and God Bless. I hope I can be of some help to someone in here.



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Anita died peacefully in the hospice a few hours ago. She was 20 days short of her 60th birthday. We love her and I am so heartbroken. God loves her best. May she dance with the angels.

Prayers to all of you who are battling this disease. Don't give up!

Love and blessings,

My sister is almost in her 3rd week of hospice care. Her blood pressure went really low and then it rose again today. She is swollen, and not responsive. The docs gave her 3 days 2 weeks ago. I think I have heard that rattle. This is so very painful. I am home because her children are there. I have to sleep at some point in my own home.
Blessings to all of you patients, family friends and care givers!



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I thank all of you for the warm welcome. SInce my last post, things have gotten worse and my sister is in a hospice. The cancer is inoperable and she cannot handle any more chemo. The bone mets are painful and that is being managed. She can still speak and eat sometimes, but we know that this will probably take her to heaven. Please keep her in your prayers as I do all of you.
Love and blessings!!


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Hi Colleen,

My sister has mets to the hip and L-4 of the spine. She is taking DIladud and has a fentynal patch. Seems to work some of the time. She has also had radiation treatments that worked a little bit.



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Greetings to all,

I registered to this site because my sister has stage 4 cholangiocarcinoma. I am a survivor of colorectal cancer myself. My sister has mets to the bone. She is in the hospital now having a stent put in the bile duct. She is jaundiced and anemic. I hope to be of some support to you all, as well as gain some knowledge of this awful disease.