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She's 60 years old, was first diagnosed last year and had surgery, chemo, and radiation. It's come back and has spread into her liver, and we are waiting for further tests to determine where else it has mets....which may tell us whether or not treatment options are available. She has a few hernias also which she says are causing her a lot of pain (the mesh that was put in failed and docs are not focusing on that right now). I think my mom already has it set in her head that she's going to die (she has expressed that she may not want treatment no matter what). She especially hates living with the daily medications and the constant weakness; she doesn't like talking about it much right now to anyone - we're still in shock... I'm trying to be optimistic for the both of us, but she is quite angry and pessimistic. I certainly don't understand everything she's going through and am concerned for her emotional well-being and I want her to live pain-free.

As you can see, my thoughts are all over the place....she and I both are, well, lost....


(5 replies, posted in Introductions!)

Hi everyone! As some cancers get lots of attention (no offense to those who 'rock' the pink ribbons), I've been a bit irritated that there is so much we don't know about this cancer and so little awareness. It's especially hard because it's a 'hidden' cancer, one that people don't readily recognize....

With that said, I'm angry (going through so many emotions) and I've been looking for some sort of site, organization, ANYTHING regarding this cancer -this site is great!

Sorry for a little bit of ranting, My mom's cancer resurfaced and the prognosis is a year or less. We're experiencing many emotions right now and I'm hoping I can support her in whatever way I can (which is why I'm joining the site -- there's a lot of good advice here).

I wish the very best for everyone here smile