Hi there saw your request for help, this happened to my husband Oscar and our Dr which we think he is a gifted dr put my husband on Oxaliplatin and the Zeloxda which he has been taken for the year and half.
read up on it and suggest it.
Oscar was immune to the gemzar treatments and the cancer started to grow very rapidly and we were so scared, but this new treatment has given us more hope again and prolong and has controlled his pain again.


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22nd of Feb the day I found out I had cancer. Nobody is really prepared for this  kind of news, but it all made sense with all the pain and problems I was having and had for years before. The first diagnosis was not cc more like lymphoma. Our third doctor diagnosis me with cc. I am only 55 years old not ready to go anywhere. Our doctor is amazed that I am still here. My wife found this site today and it will be a blessing to keep in touch. We have a daughter who is 15 and a blended family so we have 5 grandkids. I am taking 80mg of oxycotin and oxycodone 3 times a day to manage the pain. We have done so many different kind of variations and this works best for me. We have tried extreme cancer diets and healthy organic eating to just eating when I am hungry and eat where ever I feel like eating. Everything is relevant. I feel better when I eat healthy. But it is hard to do all the time. I am still living after 1 year and 9 months and drink coffee everyday and sometimes I sleep all day and other days I am very active, but I Thank God for everyday I have here.


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Has anyone had any experience with this Chem o drug.
My husband has had 3 bouts of this so far. He has been on Chem o with Gemzar and Zeloda pills for the last year and a half and has become immune to it. Dr put him on oxaliplatin and Zeloda pills 3 bout ago, he has one week on and one week off.
He is not as sick as he was on the Gemzar and Zeloda. He is functional and able to drive our daughter home from school.
Which he could not do when he first received the Gemzar.