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As well as writing down questions it is helpful to keep a diary of the people that see your dad and what they say and the treatments/diagnosis they offer. It is very easy to lose track of things. It is harder for them to fob you off if you can repeat what they say back to them and ask for an explanation. If you are seeing different teams (hepatic/surgical/gastro...) for different reasons you can get pushed from pillar to post with no clear overall picture of what is going on.

So write it all down.


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Having a high incidence of cc in our family we are able to compare the various experiences and see what worked and what was of little value. Some of you seem to have responded well to treatment. Our experience leads us to think that a hands off/minimal intervention by the medical profession is the way to go for us. Major operations (in our family) have proved useless and aided the spread of cancerous cells around the body. The patient was then not just fighting the disease but they had the op to get over as well and the horror of many other cancer sites in their body. This diminishes quality of life considerably.

One intervention that did improve symptoms was the insertion of a stent to aid the flow of bile.

So what I am saying is yes cancer kills but sometimes it is aided and abetted by meddling practitioners.


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thanks DC



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Hello, I`m Frogspawns sister.
Our brother was re-admitted to hospital last Friday. He was suffering from persistant vomitting, lower abdominal and back pain, jaundice. Blood tests xrays and ct scan have been done. They say they think he has a blood clot in the portal vein.

YES I can hear you all falling about laughing. That sort of incredulous insane type of laughter. The type of noise you make when you are expected to believe some unutterable crap!

So the cure.......warfarin........! Hooray we`ve found the ultimate cure for problem patients with complicated medical histories....and now I think....a little game of golf is in order....


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thanks d&b


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It hurts so much because you loved her so much.


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We have a family history of cc and know from experience how difficult this can be to diagnose. So... when the docs say that they think bro has a clot in his portal vein how confident can we be that this is not a misdiagnosis of cc. He has just had a ct scan.

Anyone got any thoughts?




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Hello frogspawn, How do I know you are my bro. Tell me something that only I would know! Identity theft is rife.

Hi Lisa, no we don`t live on a farm but I do have chickens and ducks. My bro works in the city he has a rabbit.


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Tommi are you here?

Love sis


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AWW!! Patty. I`m puckering up!


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Hello Rhonda, I`m new here too. Yes, the future can be scary...fear of the unknown and all that. Sometimes the more you know the scarier things can be. I have had four close rels die of cc. Some died in hospital and some at home. Okay so there was a certain amount of pain and suffering but on the whole the drugs for pain relief both in and out of hospital gave significant comfort. Hope you get some help here. I`m am here just to be able to vent when I need it.


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ooohh!!! Not too tight!!


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AAHH! The joys of posting into the ether and saying what is impossible to communicate to a non cancer humanoid.

Darlings, I need a group hug ; )

It`s jolly exciting being in a family of hereditary wot`nots. I just can`t wait for the symptoms to appear. The suspense is just killing me!