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I will keep you and Peter in my thoughts and prayers.  My Mom passed away on Nov 2nd but was diagnosed with this cancer 2 weeks prior so we didn't have much time to prepare for it.  We did have the time to say our goodbyes because she was in pretty good spirits up until the last 2 days.  So we are very fortunate to have had that time with her.  It is only my Dad and my Brother in my immediate family and we are very close so it has helped us get through things.  I know the Holiday's are difficult and my Mom was the type of person that wanted the entire family and extended family together on those holidays.  Thanksgiving was hard and especially when my 5 year old daughter said a prayer for her.  She said "I'm glad my Grandma isn't hurting and she's with God now but I miss her" which we all thought was special.  Just enjoy the time you have left with him.  Tell him how much you love him.  That is one thing I regret.  I didn't tell my Mom everyday that I loved her and I wish I would have.  She spent 3 weeks in the hospital and it wasn't until then that I told her every time I saw her.  It's not that I didn't love her, but as a young adult, I just never said it.  Try and keep your chin up and know that we're all thinking of you. 



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marions wrote:

rlunicorn....I am so sorry to hear that your Mom had so little warning about this cancer.  My heart goes out to you.   You will see that on this board others have had similar circumstances with their loved ones being diagnosed at a very late stage.  I am so glad that you have joined us and I am sure for others to be responding to you, real soon. 
My very best wishes to you and your family,

Thank you very much Marion for your kinda words!!


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Hi there,

I am new to this site.  My Mother was diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma on October 20th and passed away on November 2nd.  Everything happened so quick that we didn't have time to process anything.  I wanted to go online and read up on what she had so I can be on top of things for myself.  Family and friends have been very supportive and it helps us get by day to day.  My Mom was only 72 and her and my Dad were married 53 years.  He lost his best friend and is having a difficult time especially with the Holiday's fast approaching.  Thanks for listening to my story and I hope to hear back from some people.