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I'm in N.Ireland but I lived for a few years in Oz (great times). When my mum was diagnosed a month ago I contacted a mate at the Mater hospital, Brisbane and got him to ask several senior oncologists there what first-line chemo they go with for CC. Answer came back 'Gemcitabine+Carboplatin and try to get on a clinical trial involving Tarceva'. So, if chemo is being considered they definately use these drugs there.

Also, I'd like to echo advice given to me on this board very recently: If surgery is being discussed, and if it doesn't interfere with her work-up, it's a good idea push for your mum to be started on something else in the meantime. My mum's due a chemo infusion on Chrismas Eve of all bloody days, but with this yuletide unpleasantness comes the anxiety-reducing fact that the disease is being hit (hopefully really damn hard).

Very best wishes to you, your mum, and your family,

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Thanks for your quick reply Lisa, and your post is reassuring.

Can I ask how your chemo responded at second scan (first treatment review)? Sorry, I should really search the site because you


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Hi guys,

Once again, thanks very much for your warmth and support.

Pauline: I read your post with great interest. We have indeed seen Dr Wasan, and it


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Guys, thank-you for your kind words.

Lisa - re. Tarceva. It does seem to be an insurance lottery in the US from what I


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