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Can someone point out what the differences are in a PET scan as compared to a CT scan. My mom-in-law is a Canadian citizen, but is in the US getting treatment here. CT scans are covered in her treatment cost. However, the doctor we are going to is recommending a PET scan. Since it is pretty expensive, we are not sure if it is really needed and if it is going to give us a lot more information or not. Any thoughts and insights from folks is really appreciated


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My mom-in-law was diagnozed with CC about 6 months back. After a failed liver resection surgery atetmpt, she went through 6 weeks of chemo that included a combination of Xeloda and Gemzar.

In our search to look at a combination of chemo + some alternate treatments, we came across a technique called IPT - Insulin Potentiation Technique. It's a way to give a very low dosage of chemo drugs, targeting the cancer cells but not harming the normal cells and immune system. Without getting into details of the IPT - there is a lot of info on the web, The doctor we are seeing has recommended 3 alternate drugs instead of Gemzar and Xeloda. They have done a specialized blood test and her sensitivity to various chemo agents, and are suggesting that a combination of the following drugs will be most effective for her:

1. Taxotere
2. Floxuridine
3. Mitomycin

Recent case studies here show Gemzar, Xeloda and 5FU as the most prevalent drugs that folks are taking. Has anyone tried the above 3 drugs as well? Any major side effects or concerns that we should be aware of?

Thanks for your posts. This site is a life saver.