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A very close friend was diagnosed with cc 3 years ago last July - the tumor was found in her bottom lobe of the liver.  The bottom lobe was removed.  At the time there was no evidence of the cancer having spread and it was determined that no treatment was necessary.  My friend continued to go for liver scans with no issues, until this past October.  While doing the liver scan they caught the bottom part of her lung and found a concern.  After a few weeks of testing it was determined that cc was in both lungs with the largest spot being about the size of a penny.  Surgery is not an option and at this time she is currently going though chemotherapy.  Prior to the scan and through all of this, she has not exibited any outward signs of being sick, as a matter of fact, she had a cold a few weeks prior to the scan and recovered with no issues.  Outside the side effects of the chemo, you wouldn't know she as so ill.

Her last visit with her doctor, she didn't come away very encouraged and a scan of the lungs and abdomin are scheduled for the 21st of this month to determine if the chemo is working.

My question is in preparation that the chemo isn't working - what are her alternatives and is she treating at the correct cancer center?  We live in southeastern Wisconsin and she is currently treating at Froedert Hospital in Milwaukee.  Does anyone have any suggestions on other options if she decides to look at alternatives?