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My mother was diagnosed with Bile Duct Cancer(cholangiocarcinoma) last January, she had surgery 2/05/09. They told us that surgery was the only cure and that her tumor could be removed successfuly and that she would only need a mild course( few weeks) of chemo afterwards, "just to be safe".  They did remove 75% of my mother's liver. . She passed away 14 days after surgery, in the hospital. She was doing well ( they moved her out of ICU 3 days after surgery) up until about 10 days post op, then she started getting worse.  It is almost a year later and I am still asking what went wrong... One Dr. that I consulted with said that she may not have died from what they did not do (after care) after surgery but wheter he questioned if she should have had the surgery in the first place, if she was a good candidate. All I can say is to do your research. Get a couple of consults. I wish I would have done that with my mother. And be there at the hospital with your loved one, they need to have someone there that can be an advocate for them, I trusted that they were doing everything correct and I don't think they did. My mother went to California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco and I would not recommend that hosptil or team of Dr.s' to anyone. My mother's gastroenterologist sent her there.

Hi, My mother was just dx with Cholangiocarcinoma. She has an appt with an oncologist and surgeon  in San Franncisco this week. Has anyone been to a UCSF surgeon??? She was referred to another facility/Doctors but I am thinking of taking her to UCSF for a 2nd opinion...Any comments on UCSF???