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Hans,I thought of her on her birthday,she was such a good sort.Hope you are ok,I think I will never forget Kris,just all that we shared,not just the illness stuff!
                    Janet  xx


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I think most of the time  this one is the quick and nasty cancer.....the one that bowls you over


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Happy Mother's Day to all those fab mothers on this site xxxxx


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Happy Mother's Day to you,mums are special all days.It's not mother's day here,we have it in May!....it is one of those days that vary a bit between countries.
  Have a great day and live it up for the rest of us mums round the world

Hi there,
              What a shocking time you are having,it does at times feel a bit unreal.I was in your shoes 5 years ago and it is so hard,actually I am reminded that I need to be very kind to myself when I visit this site.
   But for you ..now you need to take every support that is offered both professional and friend's offers,you need good sleeps to get you through,you need to eat really well and try to get out and walk even just for 20 mins
                                      Janet x

Lainy ,very happy you don't have another health problem to deal with.Now you can concentrate on getting that brain of yours in good order!

                                                                  Janet xx


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Hi Melissa,
                 I think your husband's situation is complicated and pretty unusual,Percy mentions one other similar case but I am not sure how that worked out.
  Some people,I think just saw the word transplant and assumed he had it for the cancer and of course that is quite different.
  The transplant history changes the treatment options a bit but they can juggle a bit with the immunosuppressants,reduce or change them when giving chemo,other than that I think it will be a wait and see type of thing and hopefully it had not spread much further than the nodes.
  How strange that the cc wasn't picked up before they operated but it is a weird cancer in that way.
  As we always say here ,just be optimistic but realistic
                                                                            Kindest regards      Janet


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         Hi there ,sorry about the great grandbaby xx
   I hope you are ok with your health stuff and enjoying life.The platinum hair is pretty sexy really!

All good Tiff,nothing like a beach to truly lift your spirits


Happy anniversary 19!!!! to sweet Lainy and Teddy

                                         love from Janet x


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Fantastic news


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That sounds just the ticket!

     I think its quite clear what is needed and that it is a family reunion because of a sick grandfather.
   I see money being raised for all kind of scenarios,sometimes it's a case of  who you know or are connected to ,it can be rather random really ...but I wish them luck in reconnecting

  Sorry I am in another country  so can't help practically


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Great news,warms our hearts



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Lainy,have a great time,indulge a bit in a bit of what you fancy.

                                                                            Janet x


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I always try to plan a nice day on my wedding anniversary,it doesn't have any bad memories attached to it and neither does Joel's birthday.Christmas though is a bit of a challenge because all the really bad bits played out over that time.
     I will buy myself a present,more a household one than personal and have a nice lunch and remember what a great day we had and if anyone else wants to chip in  with their memories I am good with that too.
                       So anyhow hope that helps


  photo in frame is a nice idea Lainy

Hi Lainy.
             fancy that a great grandma and you so seemingly young and cool.Actually you look very like Joel's stepmother and this is one of the reasons that I have always been so fond of you(there are many others!)
                               love from  Janet

  ps  I am ok  amazingly    quite a lot due to my friends here

Welcome back from me too,Lainy,had sent an email prior to spotting this but anyhow ...thinking about you    x


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Pam,thank you for keeping us all updated on Lauren.I think a lot of us have been concerned about her and you.

Thanks for these interesting reports....well done!


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Pam....you and your family have been constantly in my mind these last few days.I so wish you all well      Janet xx

Thanks Lainy,I think we all had a bit of a shock with this one!

                                 love    Janet

Pam how worrying for you and the family.I am hoping this all goes ok for Lauren and fixes whatever needs fixing......but please look after you during this stressfull time too      x


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Pam,wishing everything  to go ultra well for Lauren
  sending heartfelt good wishes and vibes from the other side of the world......
                                          Janet x


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Dear Julia,
                 I think when you get to the time of year when things were tough it does come back at you a bit,quite unbidden,you can be trying to distract yourself but the memories are a bit too strong and break through and make you feel a bit ordinary.
......But time eases it .For me the Christmases have been pretty awful as thats when our worst time was and Joel died early January but this last christmas I enjoyed the day and I thought "Well now this is progress"I had tried to enjoy the others even booking into a very expensive restaurant for us all one year-
I enjoyed the food but it was still a very average day.
      Darla is right about these feelings coming in waves and we surf through them and get past them.So just keep doing what you enjoy and what makes you happy and sometimes it will work
                                                 Janet xx