I thought I'd say hello and introduce myself. I had a bad case of psedo-hepatitis just before Christmas. I say pseudo becase I did not have viral hepatitis, rather my Bile Duct was constricted by a "stone" and so I was jaundiced. After two ERCPs, I was sent to a surgeon. It was determined that I had a tumor blocking my Bile Duct. I went in for surgery and had a Whipple Procedure at the University of Pennsylvania a month ago. Lo and behold, I had a 2cm tumor that was cancerous. Pathology determined the cancer did go into the Gall Bladder but that was it, I was Stage IIA. All the lymph nodes and margins were clean. Thank God, supposedly they got all the cancer. So here I am wondering what the heck happened over the last 6 weeks. Whew!

I still have my drainage bags but will have them removed this Friday. During my last appointment my surgeon said I will be doing both Radiation and Chemo in another 6 weeks or so, as a prophylactic measure. I'm wondering what that will be like.

My Whipple went really well (knock on wood). I did everything I was told to do. I was out of the hospital in 7 days. (Don't tell anyone, but I drove myself home from the surgery!) I've made good progress. I have been doing easy farm chores and am eating pretty much whatever I want. I have really cut down my food intake and take Creon so my digestion is working OK.

This whole Cholangiocarcinoma thing is like a dream. I can't believe this has/is happening. I have so many questions so I'll be lurking around the site to maybe find some answers. Of course the biggest is "How long do I have to live?". It seems from reading if I get 5 years I'm lucky...this stinks. I want 40!

I look forward to participating at this site. The many stories I've read here are touching. As a fellow traveler on this road, I wish you the best in your struggles. I hope you find what you need.