Hi all,

It is quite common in times of stress for your memory to be affected - and especially to get worked up ove forgetting even the little things!

Please don't worry about forgetting your loved ones, this is very very unlikely to ever happen - especially when you are all saying what fantastic people they all were and how much they meant to you.

Thank you all for such a warm welcome - as my mum said this week has been particularly hard as it was my dad's birthday.

I am lucky as I can escape it all, as I am not at home as often, where as my mum is there every day so is constantly reminded.

I hope everyone is keeping well, and remember to keep smiling, all our loved ones will be looking down on us now! I am sure the pain of losing dear ones will never go away, although it will get easier with time.

You have such a fantastic support group here - and the advice you offer to each other is amazing.

Sam xx

This is my first message on the board,
I am Sue's daugher, Sam.
I just wanted to say thank you to you all, for being such a fantastic support for my mum when she has needed it the most.
I am always there for her but I also understand her dilemma that as a mother she must feel, not wanting to burden me with her worries/upsets all the time. In having you all to help her through the difficult times, including the times when I am at work/uni/out with friends or unable to get to her, you have provided that much needed support and words of comfort and reassurance.
Also, knowing she is not alone in all this has made her feel better I'm sure.
Thank you all so much!
Sam x