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And hopefully its not cc, Is there a chance for either patient thst PSC can be the culprit? It does require stenting and does cause infections.  Actually some on this board started out w/ PSC.  Just a thought.  I would have thought that
the tumor or tumors could be seen on the scans but I guess not??

Please let us know how it goes.

                                                best intentions,


how is your Dad doing and whats his prognosis??


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Hi Group:
I know there are some members on here whose cca was brought on by
there auto-immune disease PSC

Can you guys tell me how often you went for ercp's with brushings to screen for cca? This post is all over the place???

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I'am so happy for you guys yes your Dad is a Super hero

And you should right stories for children, no forget about
children,  Big Children like me, you had me in stiches really
I don't think I laughed this much in a very long time.

But so very glad for your Dad and you.
Yes You have all been given a chance

                  with the best of intent,


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Hi all:

I signed up for the webinar seminar which will begin in 12 minutes!!

I'm always late, Do I just hit the webinar button on the post sent from

I tried putting in WebinarNotifacations@citrixonline.com

                                             Please Help


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has anybody seen or know what

"beaded appearance in left hepatic duct means???""
please somebody check your mrcp reports!!