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Hi everyone,

I ran across this website seeking information and knowledge to help my mom who was diagniosed in January, 09.  The doctors are saying that there is nothing else that they can do for her but offer pallative care.  She is 73 years old and has so many other health issues that she is not a candidate for surgery.  After 5 attempts to get the stents in, 2 diabetic commas, and coded on the table after the 4th attempt, my mom is now at an inpatient hospice facility where they are saying she is stabalized and they want to move her to a nursing home where she can continue to get around the clock care.

Because things were happening one right after another and my mom being in and out of the hospital, with me being her main care giver, I am just having time to research all of this. I have so many questions!  While I so believe the doctors that my mom does have cancer, I do not believe the length of time they have given her to live.  She has a desire to live a normal life.  Prior to January of this year, my mom was very active.  She was going out feeding the homeless and various other things.  Now she is where she wants to go to the restroom on her own mentally but physically she can not. The hard part for me is determining if she can't because of the caner or because of the drugs they have her on.

I am so confussed when it comes to making the right decisions for my mom. Because she has been through one thing after the other, I feel like if she just had time to allow her body to recover then she would be better physically and can have a better quality of life. However, I don't want her to be in pain and not get the pain medicine she needs. I don't really know what to  do for her.  I love her too much to see her suffer but I also don't want them killing her off before it is time for her to go.  I have been praying for wisdom to make the right decisions.

If anyone has any suggestions or experience that they think would help me, I would love to hear from you.



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Thanks for sharing your story.  You give me hope and let me know I have to do more to fight for my mom.  She was diagnoised with cholangiocarcinoma in January,09.  She has been through 5 attempts to get the stent put in her liver before they actually got it in there.  They only give her 3 months to live and she has been placed in hospice.  The doctors are saying because of all her other illnesses, she is not a candidate for surgery.  As a matter of fact, she coded on the table during the 4th attempt.

My mom has been through so much but I just don't think that she is ready to leave this world yet. Physically she is week but in her mind she wants to do all the thinks that she could before. I want to make the best decisions for her to help her.  I am hearing what the doctors are saying but I am not believing them.  I accept that she has cancer but I don't believe, given her spirit, that she only has three months to live.

Again, thank you for sharing your story.  I will pray for you.