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My dad wasn't able to continue his oxaliplatin/gemzar mix.  It worked the first three months (shrunk the tumor by 30%) BUT since then his platelete levels and WBCs remain too low for too long for him to have an effective course of treatment on these two drugs (MRI results yesterday show 2 new tumors; not surprising given he's had so many missed treatments b/c of his blood).
Anyway - new cocktail is Fluorouracil, Oxaliplatin, and Leucovorin.  Anyone have any comments on these (side effects, do they work, etc.)?
This is a little different b/c he won't just get the chemo at the clinic - he'll have a pump he will wear for a few days.  Comments on that also appreciated!   
I feel so helpless - so I'm trying to gain knowledge.  Knowledge is power they say!
Thanks for any posts!

How nice to have a few replies when I woke up this morning!  My Dad got two opinions...he started with his local oncologist and then went to the Siteman Center in St. Louis to have his liver resection with Dr. Strasburg - one of the best.  When that didn't work out, he saw Dr. Tan there at the Siteman Center (this cancer is his specialty) and will have his port put in there and the baseline chest CT there but will be able to have the chemo back home (drugs are drugs, the doc said, no matter where you get 'em).  And....Dr. Tan said there was no reason for him to spend 6 hours round trip driving to Siteman.  He should be livin' his life; and out riding his motorcycle & spending time with his AMAZING family!

And...I'm in Wisconsin in the US.  I lived in Aberdeen, Scotland while in college - spent a semester there and LOVED it.  It's a part of me...and always will be!

You are right about the expiration date - it's not there on my Dad.  smile    (Although maybe I should check!)   We are a very Christian family - one that relies on God. We know he has a plan here - and even though we don't understand what is going on now, there is some true comfort in knowing God knew that surgery wasn't going to work out and that God has a plan for all of us.

I'm glad I found you all!


Hi All,
I never ever thought I'd have to say "my dad has cancer".  In my family, we have heart problems.  Not cancer.  This is my first experience with cancer...

At the end of January my Dad, who is 58, had some routine blood work done and his liver enzymes were "off".  A few days later they repeated the blood work and did a sonogram of his liver.  They found a 2 inch mass on his liver.  A few MRIs and CTs...and a biopsy later; it was confirmed he has cancer.  We were told it was liver cancer that was contained in the tumor.  We were elated - he was set to have the tumor removed via a liver resection on March 5th.  The doctor did a scope immediately before the surgery and everything looked great; but when they opened him up, the doctor found a lymph node full of cancer.  This was just awful news....kind of like a double whammy, you know (big surgery and he still has still cancer)?  My dad now is recovering from a huge incision (that fixed nothing) and is on Monday having his port put in...to hopefully begin chemo next week.  This is to treat cholangiocarcinoma; the final diagnosis after the surgeon took a look at the cancer.

This is all so surreal....I never thought I'd even have to contemplate losing my Dad at 29, let alone have to explain to my 2 and 4 year old daughters that their wonderful, loving grandfather has cancer.

That said - we are trying to stay positive.  The doctor said without treatment he'd only have 3 or 4 months (which is crazy - he has NO symptoms!) but did not give a prognosis with the chemo.  I guess they'll have to see if the cancer cells respond to it.

Anyway - just wanted to share.  I'm hoping to learn a lot from this website.