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Thank you all for your responses.

As for the second opinion, we did get one and it was the same as the first.  Her oncologist does seem hopeful but until we can get her strong enough, they can't start chemo.  She did not want to do chemo at first but was talked into it...I wonder if that is why she isn't that concerned about getting stronger. 

I know she is on the strongest anti nausea medication that is not IV but I forgot the name.  My mom has always had a weak stomach and has been a picky eater.  I live about 2000 miles from her and have been back and forth for the last 2 months.  It is hard to leave and not know how things wil be when I come back. 

We are just praying for her strength to return.


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My mom was diagnosed with bile duct cancer in Feb 09.  We are told it it inoperable due to the large number of small tumors growing troughout her bile ducts.  There is concern that it has metastesized to her stomach, liver and now possibly breast(she is having pain in one area and there seems to be a lump).  She is only 55 and has been in good health until this.

We keep hoping she will be able to start chemo but has had many setbacks.  She had an infection in her stent that got into her blood stream and is now battling a nasty flu.  She will hardly eat anything, a few bites a day atmost, and is getting weaker by the day.  We are trying to stay hopeful but it gets harder .  At diagnosis, she was given a few weeks to a few months.  We are now aproaching the end of that time and nothing has been done.  It is so frustrating!!

My question is for people who have gone through this.  We keep being told everyone is different, but surely there must be some commonality.   How are we to know when the end is close?  Any ideas for getting her to eat?  She is not in pain, but she can't keep any food down and she says everything tastes like cardboard. We don't know what to expect...just confused, angry, frustrated.