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Hello All!!

Mom had her liver resection the middle to end of September and there was quite a bit of debate regarding chemo/radiation following resection.  There was one small area where there was not enough margin around the tumor.  After discussion, a decision was made to do both radiation and chemo.  She started radiation and chemo the beginning of November.  The chemo initially made her quite nauseous, however, after trying a couple of anti-nausea medications they found one that worked.  She went for radiation and took chem pills 5 days a week for six weeks.  She completed her last radiation and chemo treatment Christmas Eve...She said it was the best Christmas present should could receive.  Now we sit and wait...for the time being she is cancer-free!!!!  She has her next scan this month.



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My mom is being treated at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, Illinois.

Talia Baker  - Surgeon
Mary Mulcahy - Oncology
Robert Lewandowski - Interventional Radiology

They've done a great job with my mom thus far!!!


Hello All!

Well, I haven't posted since my mom's initial diagnosis.  Her CC was staged at I back in March and was found incidentally when she thought she was have a heart attack.  When they ruled out cardiac etiology they did a CT to see if it was gall bladder.  They found a tumor in in her liver.  She has since found out she has CC.

She had two rounds of theraspheres to the site.  The medical team decided based on her scans that she the tumor had shrunk enought for resection.  Two weeks ago she had a liver resection.  They took 2/3 of her liver.  She made a return trip to the surgeon this week for the path results etc.  When they got inside they found that she had two tumors in the liver.  One of them was completely necrotic, the other was wrapped around the main artery to the liver.  Luckily her surgeon also does liver transplants, so she was able to get both tumors out.  However, the path report showed that on one very small part of the tumor there was not enough margin.

She saw the oncologist this week and they're not quite sure what to do next.  They mentioned radiation/chemo or do nothing and wait to see if the cancer recurs.  She goes back for a scan in 2 weeks and then the medical team will regroup and come up with a plan and proposal for additional treatment.  The physicians at this point think she is a star pupil.

Anyone else with a similar story?????

Thanks -



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I do not live in the Chicagoland area, but my my family does.  They are in Lake Zurich (Northwest Suburbs).  None of my family has mentioned that she is jaundiced...I haven't sene her since her diagnosis.  They did talk about the itching when they saw the oncologist and interventional oncologist this week.  Thanks for the advice, I will pass it along.  Lauri


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My mom was taken to the hospital about 3 weeks ago with chest pain.  She thought she was having a heart attack.  Cardiac etiology was ruled out, and a CT was done to see if the pain was gall bladder.  A spot was found on her liver.  A liver biopsy was done and she was diagnosed with Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma.  She turns 67 next week.  She has since met with a Liver Surgeon, Hepatologist, Oncologist, and Interventional Oncologist.  The staging has determined that is is a stage 2 tumor, however, it currently spreads over two lobes of the liver and involved 2 of the 3 arteries of the liver.  Originally, they wanted to plan surgery right away to resect the liver, but with two arteries involved, they now want to shrink the tumor with insertion of radioactive beads and then resect the liver after the tumor has shrunk.  She is being treated at Northwestern University Memorial Hospital in Chicago.  We have got our fingers crossed for the best.  This Thursday she is going through "Planning Day."  She will be having an angiogram.  After this likely in the next couple of weeks, she will then have the beads inserted.  Likely, a month after that, she will be having surgery.  I've read several posts that talk about the itching and lack of appetite.  She is having a hard time with both.