Hi Patty,

I think we posted back a forth a while ago since we're both from the Chicago area and lost our mothers around the same time.  I would love to be a part of an event or fundraiser to support the foundation or help others going through the same experience.  I had to sign up again on this site because I forgot my password and my email address changed.  I believe my login used to be lisala.  My email address now is lisaboyer3109@yahoo.com.

Hope you are doing well.  Thanks!


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Hi Sarah,

I lost my mom on July 4th, 2008 (which used to be my favorite holiday).  I do get upset seeing my friends with their moms and those mom's enjoying their grandchilden.  I lost my dad when I was 3 and at 32 lost my mom.  It is so unfair.  To know she will never see my children is the most painful part for me.  It is hard for me to see my friend's parents with their grandchilden and know I will never experience that. All of my grandparents had pasted before I was born and I didn't want that for my childen. My mom would have been the greatest grandmother and I am in tears knowing she is going to miss out.   

  I also lost my mother in law to cancer 9 month before my mother passed in Sept 07.  The past couple of years have been so hard.  I know what you are going though.  People try to confort you and think they understand but unless they really have experienced this loss they don't know.  All I know is you have to have faith.  My mom was like a saint so she must have been needed in heaven for some reason.  God picks the good ones that is for sure.  Hang in there and take care.  I'm sure your mom would want you to honor her life and not be sad. I know it's hard but I know my mom wouldn't want me to upset. She would hope that I was still moving forward and accomplishing the goals and values she worked so hard for me to help achieve.