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Hi Jane,

research Essiac tea and Goji Juice.  It's helping my motherinlaw.  Pain is reduced and her quality of life is better. I am a firm believer in complimentary medicine.  I figure if traditional medicine writes you off, what have you got to lose?


Hi Mandabun (sorry if I got that wrong...)

My mother-in-law Clara is in late stage bile duct cancer.  They could not insert a stent either as the tumor has made the duct opening too small.  I don't understand how the Mayo Clinic could say nothing could be done for your husband when the stent failed.  I know they have a reputation of being a first-rate cancer hospital.

Clara does not have the option of Mayo so we are using our local hospitals.  They did some outpatient procedure where they popped a hole in the duct or something like that...not sure and inserted exterior drainage pipes which drain into bags on either side.  After ten days of that, they re-routed the duct so that the bile flows into her stomach which I guess is normal and she doesn't need the bags anymore.  She had one chemo session but got anemic and low sodium, resulting in hospitalization for a week.  Once they brought her levels normal, she was released and is doing pretty well.  Of course that is after 2 units of blood transfusion as well.

Now the cancer doctor is assuring us he will give her an injection to build her red blood cells prior to next chemo.  He was supposed to do it the first time but we don't think he did. 

I know this is not the alternative treatment forum but check into Essiac Tea and Goji Juice.  Neither one interferes with traditional treatments but we have seen an improvement in Clara's health and she has been taking them for 4 weeks minus the week in hospital.  She was on 60 mgs oxcycontin every 12 hours and Dilaudid every two...double dose to control pain.  Now she no longer needs Dilaudid and her Oxycontin has been reduced to 30 mgs. twice a day.  Her pain is totally controlled.  Worst problem right now is fluid retention so I have ordered mustard oil and am going to have her family massage her calves with it in addition to taking unfilterered Apple Cider Vinegar with honey and water to remove fluid.  Health food Stores carry "Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother" and it's not expensive.  "The Mother" is the actual sediment from the applis used to make the vinegar and it is much more powerful than the refined stuff you get at the grocery store.

Of course, the doctor says her numbers are better and she is needing less pain medication because the bile duct procedure they did is working.  maybe so, but we figure anything else we do is a bonus.

There are two sites you can go to to order the Essiac Tea.  One is Discountessiac. com and the other is affordableEssiac.com.  there may be a hypen in both URL's.  Both seem to be reasonably priced.   Goji Juice is trickier.  I found one site that sells the same product for $52.00 per 32 oz. bottle while I pay 18.75 per bottle.  What a joke!

Anyhow, I spend a lot of time on the internet because I have access to so many possibilities.  Another one is Resveratrol.  Just google it.  My husband has type 2 diabetes and he has reduced his meds since taking it every day.  I'm a firm believer in complimentary therapies for serious illnesses.

Best of luck to you and everone here.


Research Essiac Tea and Goji Juice.  My mother-in-law was just diagnosed a month ago at Stage 3/4...not sure.  She just started chemo as strictly a palliative treatment.  The cancer has already metastized.  Also go to www.cancertruth.net and order the book by Ty Bollinger.  It has many alternative and complimentary therapies.
This book is more about late stage cancer but if someone can start early enough, maybe you can slow it down. 

Since your partner is late stage it is a perfect compliment to the battle you and all of us are fighting here.  The way I look at it is this... once traditional medicine can't offer a solution to us, then anything else we try is a bonus.  I believe that our Creator/Creatrix made many natural things available to us long before there were doctors, hospitals and drug companies.  Obviously some of these natural gifts were effective, or we wouldn't be here right now.

We chose these two because they don't interfere with traditional treatment and don't require a doctor to administer.  There is some indication that Essiac can shrink tumors.  Goji has been shown to increase white blood cells and both remedies are used to minimize the effects of chemo if someone takes that.

That's what I did and we are using the above two remedies and do seem to be controlling her pain.  She's only been using them for 10 days but we're hopeful it will give her at least a better quality of remaining life, whatever that is.  She is feeling much better since starting these two things and I am hoping her blood results show it's helping.

My prayers are with everyone here.  Until now, I have never had a loved one go through terminal cancer and this is so hard.  I am very scared about how it will play out.

If you like what you read, then I'll post where I get them if that's allowed.  Otherwise, you can email me and I'll give the sources to you.  There are a lot of overpriced sources of these remedies and no one should have to pay so much.

Best of luck to everyone here.  I'll be posting and reading often.



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thank you for the welcome Lainy. 

My research on Essiac indicates that it is better to buy the premixed ground herbs and brew it yourself, vs. buying premade from Health Stores.  It's very easy to do.  I ordered each individual herb via internet and mixed and brewed it myself.  Next time I'm going to buy the herbs already premixed.  Much easier and still inexpensive.  Costs about 10.00 per gallon vs. 13.00 to 20.00 for 10 oz. bottle.  Ideal dosage is 18 ozs. per day.

Doesn't taste too bad. nor too good, but apparently you can add Stevia to it which I'll probably do, since my husband and I are going to start taking it as a preventative.  He's got Diabetes and it's supposed to be good for that as well.

We take each day as it comes like everyone does.  My husband is having a very tough time with this since his dad died 2 years ago and now this. 
I'm really glad there is a site dedicated to this disease.  I'm still trying to navigate around here which will take some time, but well worth it:)


My name is Maureen.  My mother-in-law was diagnosed one month ago with bile duct cancer.  Surgery is not an option.  It has spread to lymphs, stomach cavity, vena cava and liver.  Like all of you, this took us totally by surprise and we are devastated.

They put exterior drains to drain the bile from her liver because the blockage would not allow a stent to be inserted in the duct.  Now they have rerouted the bile to flow into her stomach and we hope the drains will no longer be necessary, but if not, then back come the bags.

She has started chemo this week.  It is a palliative measure only.  She is very weak and needed large doses of Oxycontin and Dilaudid to control the pain.

When she was diagnosed I immediately started researching complimentary natural remedies to keep her comfortable perhaps improve her prognosis.  I found a book called "Cancer, step outside the box" by Ty Bollinger.  The website is www.cancertruth.net and I highly recommend anyone dealing with this disease or any other cancer to read it.

We are trying two of the remedies listed which you can google.  One is Essiac Tea and the other is Goji Juice. We started her with these two remedies 10 days ago and we are seeing an improvement in her comfort.  She has reduced her pain medication, and can stay alert and awake up to six hours where before she slept every two hours or so.

Be careful where you buy the Goji Juice.  Some companies charge 30.00 per 32 oz bottle which is ridiculous.  I found a source that is about 18.00 a bottle.  It needs to be 100% pure Goji not mixed with other juices.

You can make the Essiac Tea yourself and it is very inexpensive. Many sites sell it pre-made but the price is ridiculous as well.   If anyone wants further information on these remedies google them or email me or if anyone is interested, I will post them here but only if requested and it is allowed.

I hope you will check into these two remedies, since they are easy to use and don't interfere with traditional treatment.  While she was draining into the bags, we noticed a large increase in the bile draining into the bags, including solids which were surprising.  After researching Essiac further, one of the benefits was listed as increasing bile drainage and removing toxic solids from the body and that seems to be true.

I look forward to the support of everyone on this site and am interested in hearing about your experiences, successes and failures of this disease.