Was reading some of the posts, and checking to see how your dad is doing.  I saw you're from Alb.  We are in Roswell, and my husband was diagnosed with cc.  From what I always heard it was a rare cancer, and I know of 2 others here that had they were neighbors.  Any way enough of that.  Just wanting to see how your dad is and what the Dr.'s there are saying.

Angela, your mother in law did a phenomenal job. As I looked throught the pics of her sister, I was feeling what I felt all last year.  The black and white instead of color is huge!  Gosh how I wish I would have thought have taking some pics like these.  I often thought of taking pics of the what seemed to be umpteen bags of chemo hanging there.  I don't know why I didn't.  My beloved husband was diagnosed 12-26-07 and 13 months later 1-18-09 passed away.  We would travel to Houston, MD Anderson every 2 weeks for his treatment.  Plenty of opportunity for picture taking.  Thank you for sharing, they speak loud and clear.

WoW!  Praise God!  Your news is wonderful!!!  I visit this website often, and your post caught my eye, so I registered...never thought I would ~ but here I am.  It's just that I really felt the need to say how great it is to hear such incredible news.  My husband was also diagnosed Dec. 07, and we were also blessed with Dr. Javle and MD Anderson.  They all are incredible's an incredible place.  Keep up the good work!   Dawn