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I am quite sure that there is no literature stating that cc is hereditary, in fact, they had told my family and I that it was not.  My father, Jim was diagnosed @ 38 y.o. 22 years ago and then 4 years ago my Aunt Cheryl, dad's sister was diagnosed.  How devastating to all of us.  Then, starting @ the age of 30 yo, the docotors recommened yearly prophylactic blood work and MRCP's for myself, my siblings and Cheryl's sibling and her children.  Even if there was a gene that could be pinpointed, I wouldn't want to know if I carry that gene, because it is not proven that even if you have the gene, that you will develope the cancer.  I send out my prayers to you all and hope the benefit I am running will help to save lives and give you all some answers!!!!! Love and Blessings of Strength, Tracer

hello all, thank you all for you kind comments.  This cause is so important to myself and my family, as you know from the article that this cancer has devastated our family.  It is my life's goal to use any and every resource I can to help raise money for the foundation to help others and to fund and advance cc research and ultimately help find a CURE!  We are all in this together and I am so proud to be a part of this team in the fight against this disease.  Stay strong everyone, we will work together for the cause!!! lots of love and blessings of strength and perseverance to all families affected by cc.  Find it, Fight it, Cure it!! love, "Tracer"