Can someone give some advice on the best way to secure hospice for home care? Do most major insurances cover it like Blue cross blue shield? And does it mean they would pay for a caregiver for a certain number of hours to come into the home? any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for your response. My bro is only 46 and he was recently diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma with masses on his liver biggest being 7 cm. and some smaller ones. It has also spread to his spine.  He had two sessions of chemo so far so this is all pretty new.  He has responded fairly well but very tired. 
thanks for the welcome and I have become a frequent reader and probably now a poster!

I had a question regarding these two drugs working together like the Breaking News story says when you first log onto the site. Has anyone been treated with these two together and seen good results? My brother, recently diagnosed has just started on these two, once a week for two weeks in a row and then one week off.  Any input would be great.