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Wendy, Thanks so much for your reply. When I read it, it really sounded like my moms. She has had high blood pressure but in the hospital she had low blood pressure.

They are releasing her today. She is pretty stable now. The doctors have told us she is to weak for the chemo, she is 69. But she was able to go to her own home with hospice coming in i believe once daily. I am very excited about this. She was even talking about going to the shore next weekend. They told her she will probably feel good for about one month and then start her decline again. 

Does anyone have any herbal medicine that may slow this cancer down until next Jan?  Let me know 



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Thanks for writing back I know that I did not explain my moms diagnosis well here is what the pathology report says:

The biopsy shows an adenocarcinaoma in a desmoplastic stroma.We not in your report that the tumor cells are positive for afp cytokeratin 7 and mucin,but negative for cytokeratin 20 cdx 2 and heppar 1. This immunostaining pattern would be unusualfor a metastatic colon cancer the history of which is noted in your report. statistically the tumor is most likely metastatic, but if all other possible extrahepatic primary sites can be reliably exluded clinically, this may be an intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma. There is no way to distinguish cholangiocarcinoma from metastatic adenocarcinoma with certianty on morphologic grounds alone, and immunostains are not helpful in this circumstance.

This is from is fromthe department of defense armed forces instiute of pathology washington dc.

My mom is in the VA hospital in New Jersey currently. They have taken her off her IV's to see if that is the cause of the vomitting and upset stomach. Her feet and leg are swollen as well. And her calcium is up again. Does anyone know why the calcuim level raising is so important????? The doctors are really concerned about this.  Can anyone explain what this report means?  Thanks  again  Tia


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They are not doing anything for my mom. They said it was to late for chemo and the cancer has spread. She is still in the hospital in jersey. I do not know if the doctors specialize in this cancer. Personally I think they are all quacks, because they can not determine if it is cholangiocarcinoma without another biopsy which my mom refuses to have. They have already taken two. She is in alot of pain. They are giving her stool softners saline magnesium (?) and potassium. Tia


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Hello, everyone

I have been on this website a few times since the beginning of May. My mom was in the hospital the end of march and was diagoned with liver cancer. The did a biospy and found it to be cholangiocarcinoma but do not know if it is primary or secondary. The test were not sure. Last week my mom went but into the hospital with high sugar and calcuim levels. They have come down, but know she can not go to bathroom or eat. She has been vomitting yesterday and today. The doctors orginally gave her 6mths to 18 mths, but I feel she is declining fast. Has anyone else gone through this? I am really scared. I know she will never get better, but I do not want to lose her so quickly.  Why can't she eat anymore with out feeling sick. 

Thanks, Tia

PS My Prayers are with all of you as well.