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Thank you for the kindly replies everyone.

I just returned from hospice. It's only a matter of hours now until she passes. We're all hoping it doesn't linger so that she will be out of pain.

My many many prayers and so much heart to everyone else who is still going through this, and will go through this.


(8 replies, posted in Introductions!)

Hello all, I was referred here by someone from the CancerCompass website.

My mother-in-law was just recently diagnosed as having Stage 4 gallbladder cancer. It's come as a huge shock to everyone, as a month ago she was zipping around stores and within the last 3.5 weeks has deteriorated so rapidly.

Both the emergency room doctor and oncologist have said that treatment is out. No surgery, chemo, radiation or drugs. At the moment she's been in hospital for around 2.5 weeks battling the pain and infected blood clots in her legs. She is 65 and before this, was in quite excellent health.

It's very scary for all of us, and frustrating when it feels like treatment could at least extend her lifespan and quality of life for however long, instead of just medicating her until she passes like they're planning on doing.

Thank you very much and many many many prayers to everyone who is affected by these diseases. You all have so much of my respect and heart.