ok I guess I was signed on as my mom as I am using her computer...LOL the last post is from me Elib03 not victoria's secret, that's my mom. smile

well hospice has started, even before we were "Medi Cal pending" you guys were right. Thank you! They are helpful. My mom wants another paracentesis (spell). Her hospice Dr, says it may shorten the time she has left, but she is so looking forward to it, not doing it would kill her spirits (it will be her 6th one). She is suffering, no matter how much meds we give her. Zofran or Zophran is a God send, the only med to keep her from throwing up all day and night. Not covered by hospice..of course! Why would it be:/ it's like 50 bucks a pill, so we use them as our last hope. Thanks for all your well wishes, please keep her in your prayers. We are praying that her last journey be without pain and suffering! Thanks again, Elicia