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My husband Tom was diagnosed in July 2007-didn't require any pain meds until Nov. 2007--pain patch, Fentynal was the best thing he received in Dec. 2007


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Kris--you are the strongest person that  I've ever talked to.  Tom would always say--"you're  the love of my life, but I can't talk about it-"-I love and respect you and am thinking of you.  Marilyn


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Barbara, I read your your message-- Mu daughter is 38-- with 3 children --she lives out of town--about an hour an 1/2 away--she worries constantly--she was so, so close to her dad--I know what you're going through--take care of yourself--we'll make it--love,  Marilyn


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Yes, it's been 11/2 yrs.--I miss Tom like it was yesterday--I truly feel like I will never ever meet someone like him-he was the love of my life--I treasure our 39 yrs. together.  I'm just lonely for compansionship.  Thinking of you all,  Marilyn


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How can it be that it is still so hard?  I see other couples my age all the time.  I want what I used to have.  Life seems so less meaningfull now.  I loved what I had, but I want it back.  When does life go on for people that have gone through this.  I think of my dear husband Tom everyday.  I miss our life together.  Every day is hard.  Thinking of all of you,  Marilyn


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I am so sorry, --to lose your mom is so hard.  Thinking of you during this difficult time, much love,  Marilyn  stay strong. Your memories will last forever.

Charlene, I am so sorry that you are having such a hard time--I lost my husband and best friend Feb. 2008.   Every day is hard, but I found a support group of younger widows through the funeral home.  We still meet once a month for dinner to share our thoughts-this has been very helpful to me.  Be as strong as you can-John would be proud of you.  (I had a similar dream one night--wish I could experience another one like that).  Fondly,  Marilyn

Janet, yes it is overwhelming a lot of days.  My husband also was never sick before being diagnosed--exercised every day, played golf--but soon started to be fatiqued and started losing some weight--we were shocked to find out he had this.  It must be so hard for you with children still in school.  It helps to talk about it to others who are going through the same thing.  Fondly,  Marilyn

Danielle, so sorry for your loss--so hard and so incredibly sad. I too felt this pain.  Life goes on, but never the same.  Thinking of you,  Marilyn


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I am so sorry Deborah for your loss--I know it must be so hard--thinking of you and your family.  My heart goes out to all of you.  Marilyn

Thanks Darla, You and I know each others feelings.  You were kind to respond.  Hope you are doing as well as can be expected.  It's good to share.  Yes, we are experiencing the loneliness, and yes you are right, they are always with us in spirit and in our hearts. I am sorry for your loss too. Marilyn

I am writing this after my wonderful husband, Tom died in Feb., 2008 of cholangiocarcinoma.  I have not up to this point been able to write about it, although I did go onto this site during his battle.  Tom was diagnosed In July of 2007.  He fought for 71/2 months and thought initially that he could beat it. He was the strongest person I have ever met.  He was so brave--he didn't want to leave us.  Surgery was not an option--he went through 21/2 rounds of chemo--the side effects were very hard on him.  He was in the hospital for a week in Dec. 2007, and then went back in the hospital  Feb.4 2008 and died Feb. 9th 2008.  He was 58, we were married for almost 39 years.  We miss him  terribly.  I am thankful that he isn't suffering, but we feel that he still had so much to give.  Our lives will never be the same.  He loved the Louisville Cardinals. Everytime our little grandson sees a cardinal bird he says "hi Didi".  So sweet and so sad.  Thinking of and praying for all the families that have gone through this terrible disease with their loved one.