thank you for your kind letter of support.  My sister was just here and we had a great week together.

The reason I haven't posted is because I could not understand the post previous to yours.  Clearly everyone here is sensitive but I wasn't sure if I was being dissed by the member because I really don't pray.  It was perhaps stupid to have said "when I pray" because although I have tried, I can't.  I was afraid I was annoying her and perhaps more of you and have stayed underground.

My sister has another scan this fall.  She is cheerful and optimistic and I am going along with her.  This is her cancer and her decision.  What operation is your sister having and how did they catch her cancer?

My very best


Yes, my sister is VERY special and one of my two best friends.  (I am lucky to have another sister as well) My sister who had the surgery and scan has a husband who is very very supportive and loves her very much so she is not alone.

I live south of Cancun in the Riviera Maya, a small development called Puerto Aventuras.

Thank you all for your support for all of us

I know but my sister reads this as well, and she has seen another group (after the first operation) who told her she was in excellent hands.  She has great faith in her doctor and that is paramount.  I trust her judgement and his.  It's just 2 mos and three weeks now.  Not that I am counting.

She is out and about and active...she's the best sister anyone could have

My wonderful sister called me on Friday to "wonder if I realized" that this was a public forum...BUSTED!

I could, however, have signed in as the Lone Ranger and she would have recognized me.  She was great and does understand that we worry.

She got more information from her doctor and it appears that it is very difficult to image at this point and way too small to biopsy.  That is the reason for the wait.  I think she is more at ease and so am I.

I have tremendous respect for all of you who live with any form of cancer.  I think you are incredibly brave.  If anyone ever needs to vent to a total stranger I think I have pretty broad shoulders.

Thank you devoncat!

No, actually I am the older sister...she is the middle one.  She survived breast cancer ten years ago.  She had a badly broken arm and seven operations and a bone infection as well.....she is the strongest person I know and has a teriffic attitude.  I think that the "small things" on the 4 month scan threw her for a loop.

It's difficult because she has never, as I said, really opened up about her cancer.  I don't know if it's interhepatic, outer :-) or whatever.  Since they cut out part of her liver I assume it's the former.  But that is all the info I have.

I emailed asking if I could speak with her doctor and she didn't reply.  I would just like to know what cancer and stage we are dealing with, but it's up to her to let me in.

It's very scary to read about it but the thing that sounds hopeful is that you all appear to be hanging on....hopefully mobile and not in too much pain....I am not much with the praying but when I start you will all be included.  I thought pancreatic cancer was the only "deadly" one......who knew.....

Bless you


THank you all for your prompt replies.  Unfortunately I am in Mexico, my sister, the patient, is in Philadelphia and my other sister is in New Mexico.

My sister with cancer gives us sound bites and when I "resuggested" a Pet scan she told me that she didn't want to know if she had a small cancer in the brain and bit my head off when I suggested she only ask her MD to tell her about the liver:-)

She apparently has one of the top oncologists in the country...that was what was meant by "his practive being one of the best"

She is strong, confident and ging to control the I guess you won't see me again until she lets me in.  I can't afford to alienate her

Thank you and good luck to you all

Sally Wood Evans

Her doctor told her she was cured.  She went for a second opinion on follow up cure and was told that although the results wee excellent this type of cancer could come back.  Her four month follow up scan was 10 days ago and she got the results Tuesday.  The scan was not clear.  There were some "smal things" that they want to take another look at in three months.

My other sister and I are scared, disappointed and just plain horrified!  Why does she have to wait three months for another scan?  She doesn't talk about this much but I am 99% sure it was an inhepactic tumor with clean margins.  She does not have a gall was taken out last year and that's when they found the "shadow" on her liver and said she should have a liver scan "within the year"

She is not with some group in East Podunk...she's with a top group in Philadelphia....why wait a year when they saw a shadow?  Why say she's cured cause the surgery had clear margins?

What questions do we have to ask?  To lose her would be unbearable

Any help would be incredibly welcomed.

Is there a top Cancer Reasarch Hospital for this type of Cancer?  Fortunately, she has medical insurance.

Many thanks