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Sending all my love to you and your Mum x x


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Dear Mary,

So very sorry to read your sad news that Tom has passed away. Sending you peace and strength to face the days and weeks ahead. Tom will never be far away from you, and I hope like Lainy you will come to see the signs.

Hugs to you and all your family,



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Wow Gavin!!!

Poor you, sounds more like an episode of Casualty..... Sorry that you ended up in hospital but hopefully the blood transusions and Omeprazole should have you feeling more like your old self smile

How exciting for Kirsten to meet Rhydian, has he still got bleached white hair did she say?

You take care,


So very very sorry to hear of the tragic loss of your darling daughter Sara. She was way to young to be taken by this awful disease. Thinking of all your family and wishing peace and strength in the days and weeks to come.



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Hi Gavin,

Hope you all have a wonderful time in Blackpool. Prepare for bad weather and you may well be surprised!!!! Enjoy the break x


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Thinking of you one year on after the loss of your darling Daddy.


Katie x


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Dear Nancy and family,

Sending my deepest sympathy on the loss of Doug, a beloved father and husband.



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Sending deepest condolences to Lisa's family. An inspirational lady. RIP.

Katie x


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Hi not been on here in a while and have just read about your day out in Blackpool smile

How lovely that your Mum had a great day with you and J.

My Mum made a surprise visit to my daughter's 21st party on Saturday and said she was really looking forward to coming.... The first time she had been looking forward to in the 2 plus years since Dad died. Progress in deed, baby steps......

Love to you and your Mum,

Katie x


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Hi Peggy,

Just wanted to add my welcome to the board. Here you will find the nicest people all fighting the same cause.

I concu with what Lainy has said in that a meeting with your Oncologist would be helpful before restarting chemo.

Thinking of you,



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Dear Ashley,

Sending my sincered condolences on the sad loss of your beloved Mum. As Lainy says Mum's nevre really leave us, they hold our hands and stay in our hearts forever.

With love, Katie


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Dear Jeff,

So very sorry to hear of Marc's passing. Thinking of you in the days and weeks ahead. Marc will be forever in your heart, no-one can take your memories away.

Sending strength and peace to you,



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What a beautiful 'letter to Teddy', I'm sure he is very proud of your achievements over the past 7 months.

I know how hard it has been for my Mum after my Dad died just over 2 years ago, thinkig of you as you go into month 8 and beyond.

With love,


Hi all,

In two different venues today Andie and I did a 5k race for life, a womens only race raising money for cancer charities.

We both have linked our Dad's pages up on Just Giving and recieved donations towards cc research in the UK, AMMF....

So I would like to give us both a big pat on the back and say that I believe our Dad's were watching us today, and mine sent the rain!!!!

Well Done



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I am sending you my condolences on the loss of your dear friend, and how you emphasised everyone's cc presents differently and some live many years with the disease.

Unfortunately, my Dad's story was similar, he died 7 weeks from diagnosis but was considered suitable for resection. However, when the surgeon operated it was a very different story and sadly he didn't make it....

Hugs, Katie


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Sorry you are having a bad time recently. Taking each day at a time, and sometimes each hour helps.

That is definately your Dad for sure!!

Checking that his garden was being attended to as he wished.....

I'm still waiting for a sign from my Dad, two plus years later. Come on Dad, I know it's a long way but you used to love your trips back to England!

Take care and please send my best wishes to your Mum.

Good Luck for Sunday, shame we aren't doing the same venue...




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I so want to feel or see some of what you do, I do however, feel that Dad is with me and that is what keeps me going each day.

Teddy has sure given you lots of signs!!!

Katie x


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Hello Cindy and welcome to the board.

As you can see I live in Manchester, my Dad was diagnosed with cc a little over 2 years ago but lived in Florida so I can only comment on the American treatment of cc. I second what Malcom said about Helen Morement and hope that you have managed to get in touch with her. Helen is truly inspirational and a pioneer for raising funds into the awareness of cc. Good Luck with your treatment,



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Dear Jen,

Sending you my deepest sympathy on the loss of your darling Dad. Thinking of you and your family in the days and weeks ahead.



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It's been two long years since my darling Dad passed away, BUT I have come such a long way in that time and I know how proud he would be.

I have been busy at work today, I could have had the day off and worked a day at the weekend but wanted to take my mind off Dad's last day with us all... Friends at work knew the significance of today and were so sweet. On friend gave me a lovely bunch of flowers and card.

So Dad this is for you to say we all miss you dearly but we are doing what you would have wanted and moving forward, never forgetting you for one moment of the day.

RIP Daddy, Love you forever x x


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Hi Andrea,

Hope you have got my email by now. If not will have to sit and recompose war and peace for you... Sending love today on your first Father's Day.



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Dear Kim,

Thank You for sharing your personal last few days with your Dad. Yourself and your siblings did a wonderful job and cared for your Dad right up until the end as he requested.

Wishing you all strength as you journey through the weeks and months ahead.

With kind thoughts,



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Dear Kim,

Sending my deepest sympathy to you on the loss of your Dad. i know your pain, my Dad passed away nearly 2 years ago and I still ache to touch him and talk to him.

Sending peace to comfort you and your family,



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Hi Andie,

Welcome home!!!! I second what you are saying about knowing your Dad was with you and watching over you all.

I felt the same while Geoff and I were on our cruise last month.... I told my Mum I felt he was with us and she said she wondered where he had been for the past 10 days!!!

I hope your Mum manged OK whilst you were away, it will have been beneficial to both of you to have some space and will give you the strength for the months ahead...

Not relsihing the jet lag you will have, it takes me ages to shake it off.

Love Katie x


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Dear Susan,

How very sorry I am to hear of your darling daughter Harmony's passing.

Thinking of you and all her family at this sad time, there are no words right now but please know you are in my thoughts.