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Although i was not the patient and i did go to every apt with my grandmother we went to Fox chase Cancer Center ( 333 cottman ave philadlephia, PA 19111) 215-728-2570. we saw Steven Cohen.


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My grand was 75 she just passed away on Feb 24


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My grandmother was diagnosed in Mach of 09 and just passed away on Feb 24 2010 she made it 11 months to the day. She will be greatly missed. She was in the Hospital 13 days before she passed away.


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Hello my name is melissa and my grandmother was Diagnosed with CC in march. At first she was doing very well and we all had high hopes for her to be fine. She has started to turn for the worse when she was told she has 6 months to 2 years. She has stopped eating becasue she says she has no desire to eat. she says she is tried but can't sleep... would any one have any advice to help her out with eating or sleeping. ????