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Dear All,

I am sorry I missed wishing you all a Merry Christmas but I do wish you all a very safe, peaceful and happy New Year.

I have not been away but I wish someone had told me that radiotherapy could make you feel sick, not want to eat and so very, very tired. All I have done for the last month is get up, try to eat and go back to bed for lots of nanna naps.  Now a month after treatment has finished I am beginning to feel more like my old self.

My really good news, well great news, is that my liver specialist does not want to see me for 6 months as there is absolutely no sign of the CC in my liver.  Fingers crossed for a CC free CT scan on 13th Jan.

prayers and love to all  Wendy

Dear Kris,
I hope I am not too late to jump into this conversation.  I have taken leave from my work, a highly stressfull management postion in Disability (which I loved). I dont think my world has got smaller because I,  fill the time with other things, things I have not had time for in the past. So in one aspect of my life my world has gotten smaller but in many more it has enlarged.

Neale and I also see a counsellor througth the anti cancer council here in Australia and I must say it has been a great help


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Thank you all. I feel when I log in that I am amoungst friends, caching up on all the gossip.  Its funny how an internet group can bring people with common intrests (even though none of us want this common interest) together like that.

Gosh Lainy that is wonderful news about your granddaughter I bet she is over the moon.

Do you remember when you had a baby and there was always some nurse who told you not to push?  In my experience when asked that nurse had never had a baby so had no idea of what trying not  to push ment, even though she was a very skilled midwife.  I am treating my medical team like that, whilst they know the disease they don't know what its like to have it. So most of their advice I follow but some bits I ignore, like the use by date.


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I am back from my holidays with my three wonderful children and 4 grandchildren.  Don't you just love grandchildren?

I have spent the last hour reading various posts on this site and catching up on all your news. For those of you who have  had good, even great news I am thrilled.  For those of you who have had not so good news my thoughts and prayers are with you.

I arrived home Monday last week and was told on Friday that I was off to Brisbane for radiotheapy (bone in upper right arm). So here I am sitting in a motel room 2,000 klms from home (missing my dog, cat and Mum) going each day to be nuked. I am hoping for a good report from my radiotherapist oncologist on Tuesday so I can go home.

The good news my lastest scans show no return of of cancer in the liver or lymph nodes.  It has now been 3 months since my liver resection and I am only now getting my head around the reports.  I am still ignoring the prognosis from my 2 liver specialist, 2 oncologists, 1 GP and 1 surgeon they might think I have only 12 months of life left (Ops minus the 3 months I have used up)  because they think they know this disease but they dont know me.

my love, prayers and I am sending many good vibes to all of you.

thanks guys I will see you all soon

Dear Kris,
I live somewhere nice and warm with beaches and a pool, people who live here call it pardise, Carins Tropical North QLD.  So the kids live at the other end of the country in Melbourne, its famous for having 4 seasons in one day. Packing is a bit of challenge.

I will spoint the grandkids rotten.

Dear All,
I follow with interst everyday what is happening to you all.

I am off on Friday to visit with my children and grand children will be back in three weeks.

Ron if you log on to chat and I am not there do not worry I will be back.

My recent PET and CT scans showed no CC in liver or lymph nodes but small metastases  in bone. Hmm I now have 2 liver specialist, 1 oncologist, 1 Radiotherapy oncologist (Does that count as a RadMan Lainy?) 1 surgeon, GP oh and lets not forget the counsellor. All this for a person who if very unlucky would visit a Dr once a year.  its a bit mind boggling.

Anyway I am not sure when the radio therapy is going to start so don't really know when I will be home (have to have it 2,000klms from home) but I will be taking my laptop so will be checking up on you all.


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I am sorry you had such a lousy night hope tonight is better.


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We dont get season changes just wet and hot  (which I love excpet for the cyclones & crocs) and dry and hot ( which I also love) but I am looking forward to my trip to Melbourne at the end of the week because I will get to experince spring.


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Dear Ron,

Thanks I had the upper arm ct today and hope when I get the results on Monday that I will be able to tell you all I am cancer free at present!!!  Wishful thinking?  I think not.


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I got my PET scan results today and nothing liver clear with nothing in lymph nodes, dont know what the DR who wrote the CT report was on!!  They did however find a spot on my upper right arm which I am having a CT scan on Friday. But as I said to the oncologist nope its not what you think, we will see who is right.

My heart goes out to all of you who are further in you journey than I am and having a tougher time.


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Dear Ron,
It worked said  "Ron has left the chat room"  Yea we did it.


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Good suggestion Marion,

I will check out the time differences and post the day before when I am going to be on.  I usually leave it on during the day, if the server does not go down. But then my day is a day in front of the  USA  and night is day down here.


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I noticed on one of your recent posts you said you were up at 4am this was followed by a number of people who are up at odd times of the night. So again I am asking why the chat room is not used more often.  With a whole lot of us living in variious time zones across the world it would be nice to know there was someone out there to talk to when we cant sleep.


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Thanks Gavin,
I checked them out seems it can go from 0 to 100 in 10 seconds, or anywhere in between.  Will just have to be patient until I see the oncologist.


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Can anyone answer this question.  can this thing grow 4cm X 2.5 in the space of 8 weeks???  Thats the size of your thumb.  I am freaking out here waiting for the oncologist visit.

well anyone can borrow it we could call them Alien ! 2, or 3  LOL


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Your message came at just the right time for me.  I  am having a real downer this week and I dont even feel sick.  My poor partner is getting the brunt of it all.  I will have to be kinder to him.

Dear Mel,
Mine is called Alien, my sister in law named it, because we think like the ones in the movie it will burst out of my body and be gone.


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I am thinking of you and hoping for a good result for your PET.  I had mine yesterday and must wail until next Wed to get the results.   Waiting is the pits because it take up a lot of time but for  me it is one of the disadvantage of living in a rural and remote area!!

I am sending lots of prayers.Wendy

Dear Mel,
You should have your tattoo. I had one when I turned 50 I had always wanted one.  Also that year I decided I was going to do something each year I call it a "no regret".  Its all the things I have wanted to do but for whatever reason have put off, they don't have to be big things some of them include going to see Bob Dylan (waited 30 years for that) Neil Diamond (20 years) moving to a warm climate (23 years). This year my no regret is veging out, watching the grass grow, not having to wear shoes and spending more time with the family.  hmm that is more than one no regret.
I am glad now that I did that.

to surgery or not to surgery that is the question.  Having had my last lot only 8 weeks ago I don't think I am ready to make this decision again, so soon.  I am just viewing all the posts on this site so when I do see the oncologist next week I will have some info to assist me in making a decision.  Wouldnt it be nice if someone else could make those decisions for us and they were always the right ones for us?

The oncologist comes up for a few days each month and is very available for contact if I need him between times.  The travel is a bit much we only just got a MRI up here so a PET is sure to be a way off yet.  I have put of Gawler until next year after the scan I just decided I wanted to spend as much time with my children as possible.  Have started his diet and eating plans, mediation etc we will see what happens.

I have had a cow of a week, am I allowed to say that?  I had my first CT scan post opp and my partner and I decided we would count off the clear scans (which I have to have three monthly) until we reached 2 years. Well blow me down I could not even make one clear scan.  Of course being me and swimming aginst the tide I don't believe it how can it grow back to 4cm in 8 weeks????  The good news is the lymph nodes are all clear.  Off to Brisbane  (3 hour plane trip) on Monday for PET scan then back to oncologist the week after. 
On a bright note its another beautiful day in paradise.  I plan on lounging in the pool and watching the grass grow and visiting my dear old mum.

you must try not to feel guilty. I'm a mum and I understand that my children (who live 3,999 klms away) all have other committments. From a mums point of view I would rather them looking after their families and coming to me to make memories. Then I am well enough to make memories with them.