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Thank you Lainy. Hoping it is as simple as that. I am worried now because my sister is spooked over the constant falls and feels responsible. She wants to convene tomorrow to discuss alternative arrangements. Not sure Dad is ready for hospice , can't go home alone, cannot come to my house (too  many stairs) ...running out of options...
Thanks again!


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Another fall and another setback. News from oncologist is mostly good but my Dad continues to weaken. What is that about? He scans were all good and petscan showed that tumor shrunk,  yet he has no energy/appetite, etc and he continues to lose weight, get weak and fall. He fell again today at my sisters (where he was recuperating) and tests in the er showed dehydration, low blood sugar, etc. Situation seems so contradictionary-good(fair)news on the cancer front , yet progressivie failure otherwise and weight loss ,etc. Is this common? Don't know what to do next. My sis is afraid to take him back home (as he fell under her watch) , yet not really ready for hospice? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Dad is recovering well from the fall. Thanks.He fell last week in the store (which precipitated the hospital stay, pet scan, blood tests, mri, etc. He was having alot of back pain. We all thought the worst. Dr. put him on a painkiller which made him dizzy and then he got dehydrated and fell. What a week. He is pretty banged up and weak but home w/my sis. I am hopeful from results of petscan but he is preoccupied w/blood test results. Thanks for the info and support. This disease has had us on a roller coaster for 9 months and it IS hard!


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My 76 yr old father was diagnosed w/inoperable cc last August. He was stented and then had radiatioin in Nov-Dec. Recent Petscan shows tumor has shrunk. He fell last week was hospitalized and had a series of tests. Petcan, CT scan and MRI indicated no other cancers, YET blood test showed cancer markers very much elevated from time of diagnosis. Any idea why this would be? Trying to convince him that results are positive but he is focusing on these test results which seem inconclusive. Any thoughts or experience w/these blood test markers?


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My Dad (75) was diagnosed a few weeks ago.
He is opting not to have surgery (Whipple or otherwise) as he is convinced the recovery is too long, to much, etc.
Coudl someone pls share recovery experience-how long were you in the hospital, complications, fatigue, rehab?