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Great news, Marion.  I've shared it.  Thank you xxx


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I love it big_smile


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And to you, too, dear Gavin xx


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Hugs, Clare xxx

Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful!!! big_smile



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Terrific news!! big_smile


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What a beautiful picture of a beautiful woman, Lou.  I'm so sorry for your loss and am glad you found a strength you didn't know you had.

With love

Dear Linda

I'm so sorry.

Love Julia xx


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Dear Linda, I'm so sorry.  My thoughts are with you and your family xxx

Thinking of you and sending you both loving vibes, Linda.

Julia xx


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Dear Lou, I'm so sorry.  I understand the pain of being cut off like that, too.  We were told to "get the family together and bring forward Christmas, she'll be gone by the end of the week" in the October of 2011.  Sue lived (not just "survived", she really LIVED) another 6 full months.

My heart is with you and your family.
Julia xx

This campaign ad has really upset me, Gavin.  Sue didn't want a different cancer; she wanted NO cancer.


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Wonderful post, Gavin xx


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Thank you for posting this, Clare.  My heart goes out to your sister and her husband's family as well as to you and yours.

Love to you all.



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The "warmer at the top" is possibly air in the radiator.  It'll just need the air bleeding out and all will be toasty throughout big_smile xx


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Great news that you're warm and toasty, Gavin big_smile xx


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Glad you'll be warm!!!  You take care out there xx


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Love you, Lainy big_smile xx


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Oh my goodness, I've just seen this!! Thank you, Gavin and my cc family. I've missed you all so much and I lost myself in my iPad drawing, which has been my main therapy since Sue died.

I now feel well enough to come out of my shell and come back to visit my wonderful cc family.

I don't really know how the pet portraits started (although Laura, my cat, insists of taking all the credit) but I seem to have hit a nerve with pet owners.  I really hope to be able to raise money for cc and Sue's hospice.  If anyone wants a pet portrait and wishes to make their donation to CCF, please do email me and I'll be happy to do one.  Unfortunately, I can't set up a JustGiving page for a non-UK charity and I have no other way of tracking donations for the portraits.

I have a student due and I've just realised I've double-booked myself, so I'd better go.

Love to you all and see you soon.

Julia xx


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I want a like button, too, Randi!!!! So often I can't think of anything to add except "Yes!! I agree" and a like button would encompass this for me.

I'd love to see the Faces of Cholangiocarcinoma page back.


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Love you, Pam. You and your family are amazing and so inspirational.



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That's great!! X


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It's a really, really tough one, Clare. All I can say is that when my dad died I didn't know what to do on my parents' anniversary either.  It was a very long time ago now, but I still remember mum saying, "He may no longer be here but I am, and this is still the anniversary of the day I married him". I acknowledged their anniversary for many years after that, I was just careful about the cards I bought. To be honest, I made it more about making a "fuss" of mum, rather than about mum-and-dad, which you may not wish to do with your brother-in-law, but I hope my memories help a little.

My sister died last May (2012) and this April was the first time I had to go through her birthday without her. Several of her friends sent ME cards on HER birthday, because they couldn't send them to her.  I was immensely touched.

I really hope this helps.

Love and hugs