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Thanks to everyone for their posts.  She just did another round of chemo and seems to be doing fairly well....Amber she is doing Cisplatin/Gemcitabine about once a month.  It seems she has different symptoms after each round of chemo. It began with fevers and then she had congestive heart failure, which was treated with diuretics and she responded very well.  The time before she had issues with her blood and had to have transfusions.  This most recent one she is having slight .  confusion, hopefully which will be gone tomorrow.  Dinesh, I agree sometimes we don't always treat older people with the respect they deserve...they have so much to give to the younger generations.  I'm not sure how much longer she will want to pursue the agressive treatment that she is doing now but it seems she has a bad week only to have three good ones...I guess you have to outweigh the good with the bad.

Posted one time back the beginning of October.... My mother in law was diagnosed the end of August with stage 4 CC....well over 60% of her liver.  She has received chemo since then and has had several hospital stays.  She is 80 years old still doing the chemo and the cancer has not grown.  Talked to her today and she scrubbed her bathroom, cleaned the house and is waiting for her daughter to visit for Mothers day and her birthday.  I couldn't believe how well she was doing.  She is still living by herself and taking care of everything.  We help her with her bills, laundry and a few household chores but in general she is self sufficient.   I have a friend that is a cancer nurse and she reviews her scans and is totally amazed that she is doing all of things she is doing.  I have done some research on this type of cancer and never thought that we would still have her......but obviously someone has a greater plan.

So very sorry to hear of your loss.


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How common is to experience excessive fever after chemo?  My mother in law is currently in the hospital because of a pretty high fever....about 102 for 24 hours after chemo this time.  She also experienced a pretty high fever on her last bout of chemo, but that time they determined that it was because she was receiving it directly into her vein and she developed celluiltis.  This time she has a port and no obvious signs of infection.  Any advice is appreciated.


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The doctor just confirmed that my mother in law has CC on Monday.  He said that it had not metasticized and was not in her lymph nodes but that it was stage 4 since it was in 50% of her liver.  She refuses to get a second opinon.  She began chemo on Thursday.  I am at a loss for what to do.  I would like to make sure that we pursue every avenue of getting her better.   She doesn't want anyone to know that she is sick.  She is not displaying any symptoms except for a bit of weight loss.  The doctor said surgery was not an option but I am not really sure why.  She is 80 years old but to look at her you would probably guess her at 60.  She is very active and until the last couple of weeks had not been in the hospital in 40 years.  She goes with her friends, picks my kids up from school and just goes and goes.  I always thought that she would be around for a very long time.  It breaks my heart to think that she is not going to fight this.  Any suggestions????