My Dad, Bud, was treated w/ radiation for lymphoma in the early 1970's-- successfully! He nas endured congestive heart failure, 3 back surgeries, and a stroke that left him 75% paralyzed-- where he regianed his mobility due to a drug that broke up the clot. Now he is diagnosed w/ cc. He just can,t seem to get a break. He never complains and is 100% positive about everything all the time. Even though he is weak and his stomach is sore, he is looking foward to starting radiation along with chemo--5f-u-- on monday to take care of what he calls " just another problem". His cc is in the bile duct in the liver, 8 centimeter, not operable. Not good but still optimistic. My question is has anyone heard of or experienced radiation treatments for different cancers 30 years apart. Any info is appreciated. thanks.