Does anyone else have any experiences with HAI?  A clinical trial is my mom's recommended next course of action.  I believe the drugs she'd be taking are irinotecan, 5-FU and oxaliplatin.  She was diagnosed with intrahepatic cc a year ago in September.  She has had some response to standard chemo but not to the point that resection is an option. 

Any thoughts, experiences, etc. would be appreciated.


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Thanks to all! I've shared this information with my mom and she's going to give these suggestions a try.


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Thank you all for your replies. 

Suzanne - what is the name of the cream you use to numb the port area?  I'd like to share this with my mom.


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My mom had a port put in in November 2009 before she started her first round of chemo.  She has never "loved" it.  She says it still hurts to have the port accessed.   There is no sign of infection but it does not seem to function as we expected.  The nurse often has problems getting blood through the port.  Has anyone had similar problems?  Any suggestions for who the best person to go to would be to be sure it is functioning properly?


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My mom was also diagnosed in October.  She just started Avastin yesterday in combination with Oxyplatin and Gemzar.   This will be her second round of treatments.  The first round was Cisplatin and Gemzar.  Unfortuntately, she did not get any shrinkage with these drugs.  Hopefully she responds better to the new drugs.  She is stage 3b (I think).  She is seeing one of the oncologists at MDA in Houston. 

I hope your father responds well to the Avastin.  Good luck smile

My mom was diagnosed with cc in last month and two surgeons at her local hospital agreed to resect.  We went to MD Anderson for a second opinion and were a disappointed to find that a decision was made that resection was not an option at this time and her case was assigned to a medical oncologist rather than one of the surgical oncologists or one of the oncologists at MDA that specializes in cc.  At the end of the day, my parents were not comfortable at all with the experience at MDA and we've ended up back with her local oncologist.  I think I probably do believe that the decision to not resect at this time was the right one, but I too was disappointed that we didn't get to see someone who truly specializes in cc. 

Any thoughts on this given your positive experience with MDA? 


My mom was diagnosed with cc about two weeks ago.  She is 62 years old and in good health.  She has a large tumor (17cm)  located in the right lobe of her liver and a few other small tumors.  She was told by two liver surgeons at her local hospital that they could perform the surgery even though they suspected the cancer had spread slightly into the left lobe as well.  We were subsequently told by MDAnderson that the tumor was not resectable due to it being in both lobes and possibly involving some blood vessels.  It does not appear that the cancer has spread beyond her liver.  They are recommending chemo to try to shrink the tumor, then consider resection or radiation.  Needless to say, or family is torn with this decision of whether to go with the recommendation of the the highly acclaimed MDA or take a chance at resection with a surgeon willing to do the surgery. 

Anyone faced this decision or have any thoughts based on your experience?