Hi there, just wanted to put in my two cents about OSU Medical Center. I was sent there the day my blood work came back to my local family practice DR and I am very thankful. Within 10 days they figured out what was going on and had me in the operating room. Dr. Melvin did my surgery. It was very aggressive as it should have been. They are top of the line for this kind of surgery. My only complaint about the hospital is the same as some others. They look at each piece on it's own and the teams don't readily share information. I had to be my own advocate and be willing to stand up to the different team 'leaders' to get answers and what I felt was best for me. I will say the nursing staff is fantastic and went to bat for me on several occasions. Hope this helps a bit, J


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Hi there, I'm new here but stumbled upon your post and wanted to respond. I had my surgery back in May and have since been cancer free. I am in the process of additional treatment just be sure as one of my margins was pretty close. I've already had radiation and chemo (5-FU) and am about to start te second round of chemo. I've had several CT's and a PET scan recently and all came back negative. I've got 3 little girls at home plus a husband who likes to have me around smile so I've agreed to continue these treatments as I never want there to be a day when I say to myself "I could have done more".
Warmly, J