Marion,Thx for the reply,They have Suggested Chemotheraphy and My father is taking the Chemotheraphy treatment

Thank you..My father is getting Chemotheraphy treatment,They told that is the only option

Thank you so much Kris & Marion,It is Cholangia Carcinoma about 10 cm,
Could any one please let us know what Can we do for this type of Tumor,Because we want him to be healthy,We cannot live with out him...

Please help us if any one had this type of Tumor


  My uncle is suffering CholangioCarcinoma and he is in India,Does any one know who is the best doctor or Hospitals to treat this Liver tumor in India or US,Doctors told that Chemotheratphy is the only option as it is metastaces and it is about 10 cm,Can any one please help me if chemotheraphy is the only option can it be curable