Dads Daughter,

Everyone's experience with this is different and there are so many, many variables but I have very few positive things to say about the Cleveland hospitals and especially about CCF.  We could not get straight answers from either facility other than there was no hope and the care at CCF left A LOT to be desired.  I do believe that there are still some very good physicians at CCF but the entire experience was very difficult.  We ultimately got a third opinion at UPMC through Dr. Gamblin and, although we did not get the answers we hoped for, we did have a much better experience there and felt that we were finally given an explanation that made sense.  UPMC did more for my father within the first 24 hours than CCF and UH combined did over 2+ months.


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Thank you everyone for your replies.  Lainy, I am also in AZ (Ahwatukee) and I read on another post you are just south of Chandler?  I did not catch if you have family in this area so if there is ever some way that I can help, please let me know.  My Dad is back in the Midwest and my mother and siblings are doing an outstanding job taking care of him.  I just feel bad that I cannot be there to help and be with them.  The opinions we are pursuing are from the Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals of Cleveland and UPMC (Pittsburgh).  We have also thought about Sloan Kettering.   I think I have seen most of the posts on these centers but if anyone has recent experiences or more information about any of these centers to share, we would greatly appreciate it.    Thank you again for all of your support.

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I just discovered this site a few days ago and have found it so helpful.  My thoughts and prayers go out to each of you. 

Our father was diagnosed with a klatskin tumor last month and has been told it is not operable.  We are seeking a second and third opinion thanks to the information we have learned on this site.  He is not currently being treated aside from symptoms - one stent that was ineffective and drainage tubes which have been replaced once.  My urgent question is in regard to fluid retention in the abdomen.  No one has addressed this yet and it is getting worse and causing quite a bit of pain.  He does not want to eat or drink much and I am assuming it is because of the fluid.  There has also been some weight loss.  Prior to the cancer, he was in good health with the exception of diabetes managed by drugs and diet but not insulin.    He has an appointment with the oncologist the week of Thanksgiving but I am worried that the fluid issue will be intolerable by then and not sure that the oncologist would be the one to address this?  Is fluid retention typically addressed by the gastroenterologist or another doctor?  Are there any concerns with having the local gastroenterologist address this even though he is not part of the cancer treatment team?  If there is quite a bit of fluid does it even make sense to try diuretics first prior to drainage?  Any other thoughts?  Thank you so much!