What a great idea!  How did you do that to her photo?  I would like to do the same.


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Hi there, we found out that my mom had CC because of the blood clot in her spleen.  It caused her alot of pain, and that's what prompted her to go the ER.  Further testing revealed she had CC and the blood clot.  It is very common to form blood clots when you have cancer.  They just put her on blood thinners to help break it up, and then she had to stay on them to prevent future blood clots.


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I'm very sorry to hear about your father.  I also just lost my 56yr old mother on April the 5th.  She only fought for 4 months.  I know how you feel, and I'm so sorry for your loss.  E-mail me if you ever want to chat.


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Damamma I am also from Toronto, and I am wondering if you have seen anyone at PMH?  My mom was treated there.  She also didn't have any measurable tumors, they said that her particular type of CC was what's known as cellular, therefore cyberknife was not an option for her.  Maybe you should get a second opinion at PMH, there are one of the top 5 cancer research centers in the world.  Good luck with everything.


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Thank you everyone

My beloved mother passed away on Easter Monday, April the 5th at the young age of 56.  She first became ill in November and everything went downhill since then.  She was diagnosed with stage 4 CC in December with metastasis on the omentum.  She was on Chemo for a bit, but many treatments were canceled due do various reasons with her health (low WBC's, low protein count etc).  2 weeks before she died she was admitted into palliative care at PMH in Toronto, Ontario.  The goal was to help her build up some strength so that she could return home to continue with chemo treatments.  Well she never made it home.  1 week before she died she had a CT scan done which showed that the tumors on her omentum had grown from 1cm to 4cm in a matter of 3 months.  Mom was very weak, she needed assistance to use the washroom, and she needed help to turn over in her bed.  She stopped eating for the last 2 months, other then soup broth.  She said she always felt really full.  Her ascetis was really bad and she had a perm catheter inserted in her abdomen to help drain the fluid.  1 week before she died her doctor told us that her prognosis would be weeks.  4 days before she passed we took her outside in her wheelchair, and she was so happy to be outside for a bit, she closed her eyes and tilted her head back, and soaked up the sun.  Even though we knew it would happen soon, I still felt shocked when the nurse called me to deliver the horrible news.  Mom was so strong, while she was going through all of her treatments, and even when we found out her prognosis was not good, she never complained at all.  In fact the day she died she asked the nurse to tell us not to visit her, and she asked the nurse to put a sign on her door saying "no visitors", she asked the nurse to lay her on her back, and place her rosary beside her, she asked her to remove her pajama pants and 15min later the nurse went to check on her and my mom told her to leave her alone.  15min later the nurse went to check on her again and she was gone.  She died at 10:30am, and my dad usually visited her everyday at 11:30am.  She somehow knew that she would did at that moment, and got into position for us.  I miss her so much.


You can live without the omentum, has your doc mentioned maybe removing it?


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Thank you everyone.  My mom is not in hospice but she is in a palliative care floor at Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto, Ontario.  It is supposed to be a temp facility, but they won't kick her out.  The care there is phenomenal.  Thank you everyone for all of your kind words.


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Thank you everyone for all your well wishes.  The meeting yesterday did not go good.  Mom's prognosis is weeks, I asked if that means less then a months and doctor said yes, she also added that it can also be days, however, she thinks it is closer to weeks.  Mom doesn't know the prognosis because she asked not to know, so we are all trying to stay positive in front of her.  She is feeling very weak and dizzy right now.  Her BP is 90/60, but we are unsure if that is related to the disease taking over.  The doc said it may be so low because they just removed 5L of fluid from her ascites.  It is hard to write this all out, but I wanted to keep you all updated.  Thanks for listening.


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Hi everyone.  My 56yr old mother was diagnosed with stage 4 CC on Dec 23/09.  We're from Toronto, Canada, and she is being treated at one of the top 5 cancer centers in the world. 

She is really not good right now.  After her diagnosis it was like she almost immediately lost interest in food.  Getting her to eat has been a struggle for the last 3 months.  She has tried many different types of meds, but nothing makes her want to eat a heavy meal.  She is rapidly losing weight.  Last week she was weighed and she only weighs 98lbs, not including her tumors and fluid buildup - pretty scary.

She has been on gem/cisp chemo combo.  But it seems like she was never able to have more then 2 cycles in a row.  The doctors would always postpone treatments due to low WBCs or low proteins.  She is in palliative care right now and she just had another CT scan done.  It appears as though the chemo was helping to break up the tumor located in her liver but the tumors she has on her omentum have grown from 1cm to 4cm, and there is is new mass located behind her womb.  In other words chemo is not working and my mom is so weak that treatment has to be stopped.  We were told that one more chemo treatment would probably kill her.  My mom is so weak she can't even go the washroom on her own, in fact she can't even change positions in her bed on her own anymore.  Once in awhile she sits up in the wheel chair, but she is now using O2 to do so.

She also has really bad ascites.  She had a perm cathater inserted into her abdomen area, there is a valve at the end of it, and the nurse just hooks up a bag and turns the valve and the fluid drains.  Yesterday 5L were drained. 

It's hard to believe that 5 months ago she felt great, andwe had no idea she was ill.

We are having a family meeting this afternoon at 3 with her Oncologist.


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Hi there, I'm sorry to hear about dad.  Your dad sounds similar to what my mom's going through.  She was also very constipated, which caused ALOT of pain for her.  She is now taking a prescription laxidive daily, and she is able to have a bowel movement now once a day.  I'm sorry  but I don't know the name of the drug, but maybe you could ask your doctor about it.


A blood clot is what led to mom's diagnosis.  This also happened with my grandmother when she was diagnosed with cancer.  Apparently blood clots are common when someone has cancer.

My mom's blood clot was in her spleen, and was very painful.  She was and still is on blood thinner injections (I'm not sure what the name of the drug is) she has to give herself one needle daily.  The blood clot is now broken up but she is still on the injections as a preventive measure.


A break is the best thing for my mom.  She is so weak right now.  She has lost 25lbs, and you must also consider that somehow she is losing weight but gaining alot of fluid.  She had 3L drained today.  Draining the fluid doesn't seem to do much for her in terms of increasing her appetite. 

She will have a CT scan done tomorrow at PMH where she is staying.  Hopefully it won't take too long to get the results back.  We are hoping that the few chemo treatments will be enough to see a difference but the doc pretty much told us that you'll know the chemo is working if the fluid buildup gets better - and in her case it's getting worse.  Once we know if the docs will want to continue with chemo i will mention homeopathic medicine to her.  If it ends up being our only hope, it's better then nothing.

My mom also has no appetite.  There are many pills that can help with this.  My mom has tried many that don't work for her, but she is on something new now for the past couple of days, and she seems to be eating a bit more.  I can get the name of it if you want.

I sincerely wish you and your dad all the best.


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Is your dad on chemo?  my mom has really bad swelling too, and we were told that it is a side effect of chemo.  However, when she skipped chemo treatments the swelling still continued to worsen, so I'm not sure exactly what the cause is.  The doctors don't seem concerned though, they just recommended that she keeps her feet elevated.


Hi there, I doubt we will cross paths as I don't attend my mom's doctor appointments, I have 2 small kids at home, so my dad takes her to all of her appointments. 
The doctors will have a better idea about your dad once he is staged.  My mom is only 56 and she has stage 4 CC.  The chemo combo for this type of cancer is very aggressive.  They tried it for my mom because of her age.  It looks like chemo may not be much of an option for her anymore as it is making her very weak.  She is currently staying at PMH on the 16th floor, palliative care.  She is so weak she can't even sit up on her own.  She has not been able to complete more then 2 cycles of chemo in a row because her proteins, or WBC's, keep dropping.  The docs said that 1 more chemo tx would probably mean the end for her.  She currently weighs 98lbs, and has pretty much given up eating. Does your dad have ascites? (fluid buildup in the abdomen) my mom has it really bad, today they are inserting a perm cathator so that she can be drained more often.  Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions apreisig@rogers.com   

Hi there, I'm sorry to hear about your dad.  My mom is also being at Princess Margaret.  Her Oncologist is Dr. Knox.  She was diagnosed with stage 4 in Dec/09 She is only having chemo treatments (not radiation) She is on gemcitabine and Cisplatin.  She will have a CT scan at the end of week, and we will know if the Chemo helped.  I wish you guys all the best.


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I will be sending lots of good thoughts.  I never pray, but I will pray for her tonight.


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I'll be thinking about you from Canada, and I'm looking forward to reading your posts about the surgery!


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I just spoke with my dad.  He said they would insert a tube and the fluid can be drained into a bag whenever it is needed.


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I'm not sure exactly.  I have to talk to my dad about what exactly my mom's doctor said.  I was under the impression that it would be a procedure that can be carried out at home, with a nurse visiting her to empty the bag.  I can't seem to find any info on it because I don't know the name of the procedure. Thanks so much for the replies.


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My mom has stage 4 CC.  Her ascites is really bad.  She gets it drained and each time they remove 4.5L of fluid, and it seems to return after only a few days.  The doctor mentioned inserting some type of tube to drain it into a bag.  Does anyone have any info on this procedure?  Thanks in advance.

Hi there, I can't answer all of your questions.  I can answer the one about the blood count though.  My mom also has a low white blood cell count.  Her doctor told us that the chemo kills the cancer cells, but it also attacks healthy cells, and as a result her white blood cell count is affected (this is because WBC and rapid growing cells)

Also about the appetite, my mom doesn't have an appetite, and we are always trying to force her to eat something.  She has already lost alot of weight because of this.  If he is drinking boost then that's great, my mom was drinking ensure, but she is so sick of it, she can't drink it anymore.

Good luck, I wish you all the best


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No my mom is not experiencing any itching.  She has had this scab since about 2 weeks before she was diagnosed with CC which was in Dec/09.  Her doctor didn't suggest any cream or anything for it, she just said that it was related to the disease and left it at that.  I saw the scab yesterday and it has replaced her entire bellybutton.  Hopefully someone will know a bit about this.  Thanks for your responses.


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Hi, I'm more of a lurker then a poster, but I was wondering if anyone has any knowledge about CC and scabs on bellybuttons?  My mom has stage IV CC and her bellybutton is covered in a big scab.  Her doctor told her that it is related to the disease but wasn't very specific.  Does anyone have any experience with this?

Hi there, I am sorry to hear about your mom, my mom was diagnosed in December/2009 She is stage IV so surgery is not an option.  She is on chemo though she is on gemcitabine and cisplatin.  We are not from Alberta but we are in Toronto Ontario.  I would seek a second opinion if you can.