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Hi everybody

i miss u all

i am here to tell u about me & my father.we start chemo since 45 days
the 2nd cycle was finished

the last 2 mons were full of events,disasters.
CBC, Liver fun &Renal fun were not bad

but my dad has developed  alot of new symptoms with this horrible cancer
like fiver,chills,vomitting,sever colic in abdomen,severe constipation sometimes

our chemo regimen conists of  Gemzar-Cisplatin
1st cycle then 28 days rest,2nd cycle
our doctor want to make the cycle every 21 days
but my dad return to his work this makes him to take the 2nd dose aftre 28 ds

but our doctor said at last visit he want to start the 3 rd aftre 21 days not 28
hoping good results

really i miss u all


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is replacement will be difficult like the first time for my dad?
marion wrote on this board about metal stents and said the metal ones will interfere with tumour removal in the future!!!is this righr marion????


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when my dad put these stent he complain from paralytic ileus(Adynamic intest. obst.)
he asked me yesterday are these symptoms from growing tumour?he thought that stent will remain insito forever.when i told him about changing
he said about what happened before.asking me is this will be difficult like before?i cant answer


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Gemcitapin/Cisplatin this is the regimen


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hi everybody

i miss u all.i just comeback to my home.the last 23 days were full of events.
when my dad rturn to his work he feels his health go better, he never complain from anything
but now the symptms of CC stat to appear
fever,chills,slight jaundice,discolouration of urine,anorexia&pruritis.

the oncologist told me he will not able to start chemo until blirubin go below 2mg.
i am here today in my country to start chemo
but these symtoms makes me depressed.
are theses symptoms recur due to obstrction of the stents or by tumour itself????
2 months only since theses stents were done!!!!
we are here today to start chemo

i need u


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thx Julia


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thx lainy,Marion

i cant tell him the truth at this time.he is depressed now
if i tell him, this will aggrevate his depression
he want to back to his normal life like before.he will try the next week
and i will be with him


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i just finish my exam today
it was very good

today after exam my dad told me that he wanna back to his work again
but his work too far from here (about 1000kms)
now bilirubin level 1.3 mg/dl
tomorrow LFTs  KFTs CBC will done to start chemotherapy

he told me that he want to take chemo there with working
&asked me is this will intrfere with working?
but really i dont answer him
i cant prevent him from what he needs.
its my mistake .i told him that the tumour was resected

plz tell me how can i deal with situation???????!!!!!

how are u marion?i really need ur answer!!!

i hate GYNAEcology too smile but CANCER more

hi Marion
ive 2 days for revision
Gynaecology&obst. are very difiicult  smile

thx Lainy


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happy healthy new year

i wanna ask
who is klatskin?
i want to know history of him.



i read about the stents today on the web
i found ... these stents should be changed within 3 months
is this right??
or it must be changed if obstructed?

in my dad we put plastic stents..metal stent was not availabe


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i am here to say to u happy new year

miss u alot

thanks very very mush for supporting me

i will try to study.Ive 7 days before exam.you r right....
ill miss you sometime....

thx alot

I'm so sorry to read ur words

god with us

God with us

i agree with u kristin

"We both know you have a very bad disease, so we don't have to talk about that. Let's talk about how to help you feel better."

very wonderful words

does any one in the whole world know any thing about death?

death is the only truth
i cant say u will do ....
but i can say u will die


everything around me becomes dark

another oncologist told me about the little effects of chemo in my case.
and he said we will wait till bilirubin comes below 1.5mg/dl
and then we will take the decision about chemo... regarding to labs &vital signs
plz tell me something good about chemo.
i have exams theese days and i cant study anything...oooh
i cant say any thing except
thx God

ill beat myself!!

my dad doesnt know any thing aboout failure of resection
i told him it was resected but there is a small piece persist on portal vein
so we will continue on chemo. hoping resection after shrinking.

i am so tired but my god support me

thx u all
total bilirubin today  3.4 mg/dl
but there r new complaints  : chills,dyschazia(difficult defecation with sever pain),postural hypotension

i am very sad about my dad ,i cant help him.he always ask me about what happening, the answer dont worry dad.

thx Marion,Devocat

ill take another opinion today

thx Lainy for reply

klatskin tumour in Egypt is very very rare.the common here  is distal CC
our profs here can do whipple easily.
but they tell me they cant do anything for Hilar CC.palliative ttt only by stent or chemo.

i wanna to communicat with u specially those who live in the states and having the same condition .does the photo dynamic therapy effective in this case?

i wanna ask more &more
plz keep going with me

Hello everybody
i am Dr. Amr 26 yo from  Egypt.
this is the 1st time with you.

my father was diagnosed  the last month with klatskin tuomur .on 18 nov 2009
by MRCP.
previusly it was diagnosed stones obsructing CBD.

on 24 Nov 2009 the doctor take the decision to make the operation
unfortunately the mass was irresectabe.it was retroportal hoding 2 branches of portal vein and making mercedes benz sign in Rt  Lt branches of CHD. Y shape.the LN biopsy revealed no malignant cells. triphasic  CT before operation revealed no spread.

after  one week we put a stent transmitting bile to duodenum.
he goes will after the stent. now total bilirubin 4 mg/dl

yesterday the oncologist tell me that he will not able to stat chemotherapy
until bilirubin goes below 2 mg/dl
he said my dad at the second stage of the disease

he will start chemo with Capcitabine500 + Eluxatin 200

is this chemo can shrinks this mass or control it?
i read alot about this cancer but unfortunately ..........
i am a doctor and i know everything about this malignant pernicious cancer
but i hope every thing goes will.

can i take another option from another dr? or  this doctor enough?

god can do every thing

waiting ur replies... Thx