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Congratulations!! My father had liver resection surgery yesterday, so it is awesome to hear success stories.  So happy for you!!


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Thank you all so much for your kind responses and well wishes!! As rare as CC is, it is so comforting to know that there really ARE people out there who have had similar experiences and can provide such a crucial support system.  My dad's 8 hour roux-en-Y surgery was a great success today!  They removed his tumor, gallbladder, bile dicts, and almost 40 percent of his liver and the surgeon is hopeful of his prognosis!  We will have pathology results back in a week or two, but the doctor believes that we may have caught this early enough to even avoid chemotherapy.  Miracles certainly do happen.  He still has a long road ahead of him, but the success of the surgery and the huge smile we got from him in ICU a few hours ago was worth every minute of this trying week.  Good luck, God Bless, and enjoy every minute you have with your loved ones!

Hi everyone-
I was thrilled to come across this website and discussion board.  It has been so helpful to read the postings and realize that as scary as CC is, there is a great support system (and even success stories!) My 55 year old, then healthy father was diagnosed with CC last Monday.  He is undergoing surgery tomorrow at Rhode Island Hospital (exploratory first and then hopefully will procede to the roux-en-Y surgery if the mass appears to be relatively contained) The results of an MRI, CAT scan, and ERCP have not shown any spread and have led the surgeons to believe that there is hope for the surgery ALTHOUGH we do know that the spread of these tumors are extremely hard to detect with imaging.  We have rallied together as a family and are hoping for the best tomorrow.  Please keep my dad in your thoughts tomorrow and thank you for providing such a great resource.
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