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That's great news Lisa!  Congratulations.



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Congrats Kris!! Yippee!


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Hey Chica!!  I know we talked already about your good news and your landmark 5 years but wanted to stop by here and say what a miracle you are and how much connecting with you on our journeys has meant to me!  You are a rockstar.
-your fellow chica!-

That's great news about your Mom!  I just passed my 5 year anniversary in December.  I can honestly say I NEVER forget that I had CC (or my other cancers).  They are there in my mind most days, however, the fear is mostly gone until I am heading for a scan, then it returns but is much less than it was years ago.

I too searched and searched for survivors. I remember stalking people on facebook to see if they were still with us.  We all do crazy things to find a nugget of hope.  My wish is that this post gives somebody or many somebodies hope for the future.

Hugs to all and you all are never far from my thoughts and prayers.



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Love that one!  It's a classic for sure.


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Hey Kris and Lainy!  Thought I'd pop in to say hello and wish you both a wonderful new year filled with only good health, good love, and good things!

Hugs and love,


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We Bills fans are not that upset by the Packer loss....just sayin' smile


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Wow Mike!  You are a superstar.  You've had such an amazing result from your treatment.  My hope for you is that you continue to feel good and those nasty tumors stay away!


https://reimagine.me/magazine/hard-stuf … razymaking

Interesting article.  I related to all 10!

Hugs to all,


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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Even in the most difficult times there is always something to be thankful for.  I  am thankful that this site and the people on it were there for me when I most needed them. I am thankful that I am here 5 years later and that I can reach out to others in their time of need. I am thankful for the friends I've made here and along my cancer journey(s).

Have a great day all, whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not big_smile

So my friends, I had a re-scan after my 5-year scan in August because they saw a shadow on that one.  I was not freaked out about it because there have been these things they call THAD (transient hepatic something or other) that have shown up in different places on all of my scans.  They go away and then show up elsewhere and are really nothing, just a blood flow thing, nothing to worry about.  However, my new-ish oncologist wanted to re-scan me in 8 weeks to see if it changed.  Well it did change, it got smaller, but he still thought it shouldn't be ignored and suggested a liver biopsy or perhaps have the area  surgical removed.  I was really not on board with either of those things and he said he would bring it to "treatment team" which includes oncologists, tumor specialists, surgeons, and others.  He just got back to me yesterday and said that they all agree it is a blood flow thing and nothing to worry about.  He suggested a re-scan in 6 months. 

I was worried, but in my heart of hearts didn't believe it was a problem since I had been through this "scare" before (and opted for a biopsy which was negative).  I am so grateful that things were fine. But it is a reminder to not to just take things at face value and be sure you investigate fully before acting.

I am not out on this site as much as I have been in the past.  I think about everyone on this site often and you are all in my thoughts and prayers.



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this is such happy news Lainy!!  I love your focus on happiness and seeing good things in others.

OMG Lainy!  That is exactly what I say when people say nice to see you! 

I like to assume people have the best of intentions in all things.  Helps me feel better when I make that assumption over assuming that they are being jerks.  And I don't think I need a snappy mean comeback because that makes me feel bad afterward.


Awesome!  that worked Marion.  I see others were suffering from small font syndrome as well!

Brilliant Lainey!!  Good news to hear.
I haven't been on the board in a bit because everytime I do (including this time) the screen is super small and it's hard to read, but I could definitely read your good news!:)


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Hi all,

When I log into the sight and go to the discussion board everything is really little and does't fill the screen like it used to (and is when I am not logged in). 
Anyone else experiencing this?



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I am so sad to see this post.  Your father meant so much to so many.  He will be greatly missed.  He was so kind and so smart and  such a help to me and so many others.  My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


Great news Lainy!!


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So sorry to hear about Lynn.  My thoughts are with her family and friends at this difficult time.


https://www.whatnext.com/blog/posts/8-w … ocialPosts

Thought this was an interesting article.


Great news!  Bravo!  Enjoy all of the celebrating.



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Thanx everyone.  Nancy: you'll have to remind me again what normal is smile


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So good to hear Kris!  Part time is awesome. You are amazing!


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I do miss your wise and caring voice on this board. Hope, like Lainy, that you are occasionally coming out to this site and can feel the love and support everyone here has for you.  Hoping you are comfortable and surrounded by love.



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Thank you everyone!  I really did not think I would be here in 2014, much less be healthy.  I try and take each day as it comes and these past five years have been some of the most rewarding (and challenging) for me.  I met so many wonderful people on my CC journey.  Thanx again!