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Please accept my condolences on your mother's death and also for the death of your dear friend.  To add to the misery cocktail, you have something unexpected and serious  to face yourself.  None of this is giving you the time you need to process what is happening in your life at a very fast pace.  I can't stress enough how important it is to talk to someone who has no skin in the game and can just listen to you  without judgement.  You have shown so much strength and sometimes we just don't want to be strong, not for ourselves or for others.  So take the time you need to control the things you can.  One foot in front of the other.  Take care of yourself, eat right,  stay hydrated, get enough sleep, and allow yourself to break down if you need and be strong when you want to be.

I will keep you in my thoughts kris.  I've seen your posts here and you've been such a support to others, please allow yourself to get support from others.


Thanx Lainy!  Can i add that I turn 60 on Saturday.  Hard to believe cause I feel a lot younger than that for sure, but that is what the calendar reads.  I have decided I don't believe in calendars smile

Just putting up my annual survival post:  6 years this month!!  I am a lucky girl and my greatest wish is that everyone touched by this disease be as lucky.

6 years for CC
16 years for thyroid
21 years for breast cancer

i love your photo!! 

Merry Christmas to all!


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Chag Sameach!  Happy Chanukah to all.  Just lit my candles and have latkes in the oven (yes the oven!  found it to be the best way to cook 'em without the smell for days!)

My everyone's light burn longer than expected and a miracle happen!


Hope everyone enjoyed the company of loving friends and family for Thanksgiving and remembered fondly those who are no longer with us.

Happy Thanksgiving.
-Randi- <3


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So I ended up with....wait for it....it's original and no one had it....yup...it's Randi G. Barrell, PLLC.
It was hurting my brain too much to try and think of an original name.  I guess I am my own brand.

When I get my brochure wording done I will post it here for critique from the people who may be my potential clients. 

coming soon...link to my website. smile 

thanx all.

Just saw this and along with everyone, I am so sad to hear about Duke's death.  What an eloquent man and what a great contributor to this site both in time and in words. We have too many of these moments when people we've come to cherish are gone...


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New pathways is taken sad
Anyone have any ideas what therapy private practice name they would be drawn to if they wanted to pursue counseling for this very challenging time of their lives??  I'll just throw it out there.


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so the problem is that there is a pathways business in the area sad

hip hip hooray!  Congrats on such a great milestone Lainy!  you know I wouldn't have had the good spirits and attitude toward my surgery and chemo and healing if I didn't have you and this board.  I am forever grateful to everyone here.

Hugs to all.


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Love them Lainy!  Thanx for the ideas.  I am now leaning toward "new pathways therapy"  What do you think?  I don't want to eliminate anyone who needs therapy for other things, but primary focus is on survivorship.


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Hi Lainy!  Trying to work full time and open a private practice. Trying to think of a name for my practice.  My target client  are people who are facing life changing circumstances (i.e. cancer, heart disease, divorce, death of a loved one).  Any ideas for a name for my practice?  I may just give up and call it Randi Barrell, PLLC.


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Congrats Lisa!  5 years is indeed a wonderful milestone and you have been through so much that it must feel extra specially good. 

So happy for you!

So glad when i stopped by I could read you wonderful news.  I have had 3 cancers and 5 years seems to be the tipping point, however, with CC it seems that they like to leave it in my hands.  I am 6 years out in December and the doc gave me the choice of whether to come back in 6 months, 1 year, or never again., since there had never been a sign of cancer since my surgery.  Kind of daunting and I think I'll choose the 6 months interval for at least one more time.

I have always gotten MRI with and without contrast. The CT requires a larger IV and you have to drink that chalky stuff which sets my intestines back for about 6 weeks.  The doc decided that we would do MRI's from about the first year and I think they are clearer images and easier to do for me.  I believe as long as they are comparing Mri to MRI or CT to CT you will see a change should one occur.

Hope you had a great celebration for your milestone!!



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Hope you had an easy fast Lainy!  Happy New Year.  L'shana tovah.


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So darn cute!!  Congrats!

Just saw the same thing and stopped by here to post it but you beat me to it.    Sure sounds like CC to me.  Sad.

That is awesome Cathy!!!


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Well, I am not sure I am a hero but I do feel incredibly lucky to have lived through these 3 cancers to tell the tale!

Cathy:  You captured it.  Cancer doesn't define me, but I know how fragile the world is and I think that's a blessing.

Hugs to all-


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Just watched it on Hulu and came to the CC site to see if you knew she was on his show and found this post!  She is quite a hoot!!


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Hello everyone,

Wanted to stop by and share my good news.  I had a scan last week and got the results this week. I have MRI's and this one was again clean, no cancer.  The doctor says it's up to me if I want to have a scan in a year or not.  He says that even through there are profusion differences in my scan, he has a no worry that it is suspicious at all.  I trust  my doctor, he is always honest and up front.  So it's been 5 and 1/2 years since my whilpple surgery and nearly 5 years since I finished chemo.  I am so blessed and my hope is that others on this site are similarly blessed with good health.

It's interesting that I only think about cancer on a daily basis (and not every minute or every hour).   There is hope.

Hugs to all,


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Glad to see posts that you are doing so well Lainy!!  You are truly amazing.  Hope things continue to sail smoothly for you!  Hugs!!


I am doing fine.  My husband had double bypass surgery in January and my wonderful Dad died in February .  It laid me pretty low but Kevin is doing well and I know my Dad had a great life, so I am starting feel a little more like myself.  I have a scan coming up in May and a GI, Oncologist, and GYN appointment at the end of May.  It's always a tough time of year, but my health has been good and my job is very rewarding.  I am looking to open a private practice to help those facing serious illness get through adjusting to their new normal.

It was a great 2014 and I am hoping that my 2015 just gets better and better. 

Take care Lainy and recovery quickly my friend.


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Hi everyone,

I thought I'd stop by to say hello.  Even though I am not on the site as often as I have been, I want you all to know that you are always in my thoughts and prayers.  The hope and support on this site are unparalleled and inspiring.

Hugs to all,