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Thanks to everyone for their welcome notes and information.

I've heard through the grapevine that a percutaneous biopsy of the cancer might be an exclusion criteria for transplant. Has anyone else heard that? Is that dependent on the transplant center?



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Thanks to tstewart4128 and Lainy for replying so soon. This website is wonderful, and its nice to know we aren't alone in this groping in the dark.

Our care has been in Boston so far. We are strongly considering a second opinion at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, particularly based on stories we have read on this site.

We have submitted an online request for an appointment, and we'll probably call as well. Is this the best way to get into the system? Any other options?

Thanks for everyone's help in advance.


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My Dad was recently diagnosed with bile duct cancer. A surgeon planned to resect it yesterday but stopped because he felt it was unresectable, with invasion of the portal vein and the hepatic artery but no lymph node involvement. There is also no evidence it has spread anywhere else by CT scan.

After the operation, the surgeon said the only other options are chemo and radiation, which, in his words, are not very effective for this type of cancer. I've read about other options including transplantation, and was hoping to get more information.

Can you provide some guidance? If any of you have been through this, can you shed some light? Have any of you had experience with evaluation and treatment at either the University of Michigan or at the Mayo Clinic? Are there specific doctors at either institution that you would recommend?

Thank you.