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I just wanted thank all who post about yourself or your loved ones CC journey.  My dad was diagnosed October 09 and I have used this site as a referece tool.  Reading about treatments, symptoms and what we may encounter with this awful cancer.  To all the caregivers you are very special people, your kindness and compassion for another is so greatly appreciated.  It is such an awesome task and I am so grateful for my mom, she is amazing.. you all are...THANK YOU. To all who have discoverd this site looking for answers as I did about what to expect after CC diognosis. I'd like to share our story.  My dads CC was inoperable , he started pallative Chemo, he completed the first round and was to start 2nd and found that the lung involvement had worsened(my dads cancer was advanced and he wasnt feeling well when he started chemo, so if chemo is being considered please dont be discouraged). He decided he was done and Hospice was called. My dad passed away Saturday January 23rd. at the age of 68.  He never had pain, never was jaundiced, he had very minor itching , his worst symptoms were lack of appetite and swelling of the legs and abdomen.  He passed away at home with his wife and his 4 children holding his hands and telling him how much we loved him and that it was ok to go. I feel lucky to have been there.  Good luck to all who continue to fight, you will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Thank you again
Johns daughter