My mom was diagnose in 2007 she was caught very early. She had started meds for cholesteral, they did the liver enzyme check up and noticed they were elevated was told to go off the meds. that a small percent of people get elevated liver enzymes from it.  a few months they rechecked even higher, lot more test after a brushing found cancer. to this day she has never had any tumor markers all 0. She had a roux en y. no chemo or radiation her liver is intact. (only in the main bile duct) last year enzymes started going up and down more test found where they did the roux en y she developed scar tissue, so they inserted ptc tubes  to stretch the scar tissue. They upsized every 2 weeks then the largest one changed twice every 2 months. durning the ptc change she got a liver abcess that went into sepsis shock.  when we got her to the hospital  they could not read her bilirubin the computer could not register that high when she got to the hospital where her liver spec. was they had a reading of 51 not 5.1, 51 she was in icu for 17 days, in the hospital 2 months. she went through the  liver abcess being suctioned out and developing a large bleed they went to try to take care of the bleed but as they injected contrast dye her vitals became normal and could not find anymore bleeding. she also went trough kidney failure and was on dialysis for 2 months. Kidneys are working normaly now. she has also been a type 1 diabetic for 20 yrs now. Every test now are showing great improvements and ptc tubes are gone she is  week and having a hard time gaining her weight but showing improvement every day. Just wanted to share her story to incourage others and also look on the brighter side of things miracles do happen.