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thanks everyone.  we've had blood work done and a chest x-ray.  all results came back fine with no sign of infection and cancer markers all normal.

off to the dr. this afternoon. 
cheers and thanks,


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loving white healing light beaming across the ocean to you and Hans.  I believe in you!

My name is Kathryn and my husband Jeff was diagnosed  the end of May 2009 with cholangiocarcinoma.  We live on the west coast of Canada and the top surgeons for western Canada are in Vancouver.   Three failed attempts were made to do an ERCP and three failed attempts were made to do the biopsy and shunt placement percataneously (thru the skin).  The fourth attempt (or seventh depending on how you look at it) was successful.  It was determined that 40% of Jeff's liver was already atrophied.  Of the team of three surgeons who perform the surgery of tumour removal, the first two said "I'm sorry, we cannot do the surgery. It will be about quality of life."   

Our three grown kids did the research on the third surgeon, Dr. Buczkowski and found that he was renowned for radical procedures and conservative post surgical care.  Just the guy for us.  With quite a bit of lobbying, we were successful in convincing him to at least try.

On the eve of Fathers Day and summer Solstice (June 21), Jeff had the surgery where they removed 60% of his liver (including the tumour) and his gallbladder.  The surgery was 7 hours and Jeff had a difficult recovery and was unable to leave the recovery room for over 9 hours (usually it's 2.5-3 hrs we understand).   Initially his recovery was difficult.  His liver function tests were not optimal and the night after surgery he went "tacky" with a blood pressure drop to 70/50, a heart beat of 149 and a fever of 102 degrees.  An emergency CT scan was done as well as a series of other tests and I thought we were going to lose him that night.  He stabilized after about 8 hours and began to progress towards healing on day 4 post op.   

We brought him home on July 2 and he has had a steady and progressive healing process. 

The pathology report says "negative margins' on the tumour which was great news.  The not so great news is the biopsy on the 6 N1 lymph nodes indicated cancer cells in 4 of the 6 lymphs removed.   

According to all the clinical studies we've looked at the statistics suck for long term survival and so Jeff has been dedicated to a regime of a plant based diet, no sugar, no alcohol, no dairy, daily exercise and infra red sauna.  In the past 2 months he's had more energy and felt better than when he was a teenager.

Recently he has been experiencing unexplained chills and night sweats.   This is of course very worrisome and we will be seeing the doctor soon.

I'm wondering if anyone out there has had similar experience with negative margins but N1 nodes with cancer cells?   What treatments do you recommend?


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Thanks Gavin & Lisa.  I'll schedule an appointment ASAP.   BTW - Gavin -our middles son's name is Gavin.  Not a common name here in Canada.


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My husband (53 yrs/old) was diagnosed with cholangioncarcinoma at the end of May 2009.  He had surgery on June 21 where they removed the tumour (along with 60% of his liver).  The pathology report stated negative margins around the tumour however of the 6 lymph nodes removed 4 indicated cancerous cells.    He has not had any radiation or chemotherapy, eats an amazing diet of primarily plant based foods, no sugar, no alcohol, no dairy.  He exercises daily, takes many natural supplements and uses an infra red sauna 4-5 times a week.

His recovery has been very good and I would say that he seems healthier and more energetic than ever in our 30+ years of marriage.

Recently, he has had a couple of concerning symptons.   After 40 min. in the sauna, he had a chill (while still in the sauna at 140 degrees).   For him, this was reminiscent of the rigors he'd had pre-diagnosis.   Last night he had a severe night sweat where he had to change his night clothes.  He has also lost some weight in the last week.  Pre cancer he was 180 pounds, went down to 130 with all the procedures pre surgery and then lost a few more pounds after the surgery.   He went up to 142 pounds in Dec and is now back at 135. 

We are both very concerned about the chills and sweats.  Does anyone else have experience with this?