Not yet.  My mother will talk to Dr. Gemblin today ( … mblin.aspx)   He is the doctor that ordered the second CT scan and biopsies.  I think he is the one who said the cancer was unoperable.  We have a few questions to ask him like stage of cancer, size of tumor, why is it unoperable, etc.     

No matter what he says, I still think we should get in touch with Dr. Geller for a second opinion. 

I will definitely post updates.


Hi Ashley,

My dad is in Pennsylvania and I am in New York City.  So far Dr. Geller (from UPMC liver cancer center) has been recommended to us by two friends of mine.  From reading all of these posts, I am convinced that second and third opinions are necessary.  It can make the difference between life and death.  Any other suggestion are very much welcome.


Just wanted to say how much your stories have helped my attitude towards this terrible disease.  My father has just been diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma.  We are still not positive regarding the stage of the cancer.  We were told it's not operable but also don't know the reasons.  My mother will have a discussion with the doctors today to hopefully get some answers. 

Wish all of you the best in this fight.