Hi Kris,

As it turns out he didn't have cc but a rare form of pancreatic cancer that invaded (blocked the distal bile duct).  Even after surgery, the surgoen thought it had to be cc. 


Hello all,

I wanted to give you an update on my dad.  He's back in the hospital cause he can't keep most of his food down-the doctor just wants to make sure he is kept hydrated and keep any infections at bay since his white count is a little elevated. 

The good news (or should say strange news) is that he has been diagnosed with endrocrine carcinoma - non functioning.  They say this is pretty rare. Even though it went into 3 of 5 of his lymph nodes they believe they got it all and he will have a better than expected prognosis.  He will be getting chemo, but not sure if it will be an oral med.  The surgeon believes that the treatment is relatively begnin.  I haven't found a lot on the net about this type of pancreatic cancer.  Any suggestions?

I've tried the USC site which has there treatment options in surgical terms, but not much on the chemo part.  Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks again for all your well wishes.

Thanks for the hiccup recommendation.  Rx he was given hasn't worked so I'll try what you suggested (you never know until you try).  Yeah, I still can't get over how fast he got out - but I'll take any positives I can get.

I am happy to report we got dad out of the hospital 6 days post whipple.  We are still waiting for the pathology report but are so glad he didn't have any major complications.

So far he hasn't been able to sleep very well nor get rid of the hiccups for any long period of time.  Any suggestions?  Also, he says his back is sore and he can't get comfortable.  Has anyone had similiar experiences with this?

Thanks again for everyone's well wishes.


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At first I hesistated looking at these post, but what a hoot. Both of my parents have pre-paid cremation plans but haven't decided on an urn.  I always thought that a cuban cigar box would be appropriate since my father has, not since he has gotten ill, been a cigar smoker.  He actually liked the idea but thought that a Dominican cigar box is good enough.

Thanks for the lighter look.


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Thanks to all of you.  Hearing from you and the sense of welcome you have shown me has really lifted my spirits.  Funny, but watching my father go through this has been harder to deal with than my own bout with cancer. 

I will keep you posted.



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Thank you for the encouragement.  I've been reading the boards since the doctors thought he might have CC, and I am just astounded at the love and positive comments that you all share.

And thank you for the welcome.


I finally decided to write here about my dad.  He's 71 and has never had a major illness until last month when he fell out of bed from was latter discovered as cholangitis.  Since then he's had the Whipple to remove a suspected cholangiocaecinoma located in the distal portion of his bile duct.  He's 3 days out from surgery and we are waiting for the pathology results.  The waiting is torture.

I wonder how often can the tumor be resected and the lymphs nodes not be involved.  I just keep hoping he'll be clear.

I just need to say I am grateful there is a place I can go and feel that I can share with those who understand.

I am a cancer survivor, renal and ovarian, of 3 years.   

Love to all and peace.