My Uncle just found out Feb. 14 his has CC, but he is also worried about his sugar intake which drives me CRAZY... He takes no medicine for it, but freaks out when it gets over 130... The Good range is 80 to 114 when taking your sugar... He's having a hard time digesting food... He's not throwing up, but is losing weight... I have suggested a Frosty, but he says , it's got a lot of sugar in it.. I've suggested Sugar Free Pudding, but he still swears it has sugar in it and that it will raise his sugar... At this point.. I don't know what to do, cause if he has Cancer "CC" I'm thinking the sugar shouldn't be on his mind... He has to get Something down , like Ensure or something like that... "Confused" .... I don't mean to sound ugly about all this..  but to me, being a diabetic myself... I think 130 is good.. He should get concern if it gets over 200, but to my knowledge it hasn't .... I just want him to realize that sugar is Good for him without pushing the issue...


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Hi Irene.. Yes 45 is young, but I'm sure you have live as you wanted to... All I can suggest is hang in there.. Be Strong.. God has a plan... Rely on him..

Hi Marions.. He was Diagnosed in Little Washington, then at ECU in Greenville NC.. They put a stint in to drain the toxins... He turn yellow and that's why he went in the first place...   That's the only reason I can come up with his appetite not being good... I do not understand.. I also don't understand why they have waited so long to treat him?  I do not know what kind of Chemo or Radiation he will receive?  Thank you for replying...

Pauline... My Uncle is very weak too.. He is not eating , but tries to.. He can only eat Fruit.. He Loves Pears, and blue berries... He can eat Cabbage at the moment, but he starts his treatment around Feb. 25th.. don't know what will happen then, but try some Blue Berries.... Take care..

Hi, I'm Tammy and I'm new at this... My Uncle found out Feb. 14.. He is 73 Feb.27th... The Doctors have put him through A LOT of tests... He starts treatment almost 3 weeks later... My Mom, "his sister" and I are just a basket case.. He can't eat, but not yet throwing up.  The only thing he can Digest is Cabbage and fruit... He is down to almost nothing and I'm afraid   that it is too late for him.. I do not think he can make it through the Chemo and Radiation... I am very close to him and it's killing me to see him go through this and it really hasn't started yet... I do not know what to do?


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Hi.. My Name is Tammy... I'm new at this.. Just found out my Uncle has this.. He is suppose to start treatment late next week... I'm worried that it's not going to work and he only has 2 more months...